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Historic Temperatures for 8th August in Washington DC

Average High 31°C (88°F)
Record High 38°C (100°F) (2007)
Average Low 22°C (72°F)
Record Low 12°C (54°F) (1903)

Washington D.C, once known as the District of Columbia, is the capital city of the United States of America (USA).  The city is bordered by the states of Virginia and Maryland and is located on the Northeast of the USA along the Atlantic Coast.

Washington DC runs on the north bank of the Potomac River, an area which includes the Appalachian Mountains that boast altitudes rising to between 4,000 and 6,000 feet. But while Washington DC is said to be one of the less sunny areas of the USA, it still receives more sunshine throughout the year than most of North West Europe.

Washington DC has a continental climate with weather dominated by humid subtropical conditions which manifest themselves in hot, humid summers and cold winters. 

The temperate change throughout the year means the weather in Washington is characterised by 4 definite seasons. Summer is the hottest time of the year, while spring and autumn both offer milder, but still very pleasant conditions. However, winter is traditionally cold in Washington DC and, on average, the city will experience 147 days of precipitation every year. 

The highest ever recorded temperature in Washington DC was in August 1918, when temperatures reached a blistering 41°C. Conversely, the lowest ever recorded temperatures was in February 1899 when temperatures dropped to -26°C!  


Spring is considered by many to be the nicest of all seasons in this part of America.

From March until May, the temperatures slowly rise reaching highs in the mid 20's by the time May is out. And while March is considered the coldest month of spring, it is still far milder than the conditions experienced in the depths of winter.

Humidity levels in Washington in spring are far lower than at other times of the year, making this season more comfortable as the temperature rises. It is the time when the flowers start to blossom and the grass becomes green, giving the landscape a beautiful outlook.  However the rainfall is likely to continue, with an average of 14 rainy days per spring month.

Daily sunshine hours will also begin to increase at this time of the year, making spring in Washington DC a very pleasant place to be. 


Summers are typically hot and humid in Washington DC with average daily temperatures averaging nearly 26°C. July usually offers the warmest weather of the year. However it also the month that tends to receive the most summer rainfall in the region.

At any time during the summer months, temperatures are not likely to drop below 19°C.

The humidity levels during summer in Washington can get quite uncomfortable at times. The combination of high temperatures and high humidity can bring frequent thunderstorms during the summer months, which can create the risk of tornados at times. 

As a result of Washington's inland location, most hurricanes in the area are often weakened by the time they get to the capital, although the majority of storms which have an effect on Maryland, will also effect the city. 

However, throughout the entire summer period, you can expect an average of nearly 9 hours of sunshine every day ensuring plenty of bright weather throughout the season. 


Temperatures start to decrease at the onset of the autumn season in Washington DC. However average temperatures in September are still likely to remain in the low 20's, though conditions are likely to drop to approximately 11°C by the time November is out. 

In October and November the level of rain will often reduce slightly and the city is usually a lot less crowded, making it the perfect time to avoid the clouds and crowds alike.

Thanks to the lower temperatures and drier conditions, this is also a good season to enjoy outdoor activities in the region and make the most of the warmth before winter arrives.


If you are looking for a White Christmas, then winter is a wonderful time to visit Washington DC.

Temperatures in this season range from 10°C down to -2°C, so it can get very cold. However snowfall levels of around 5 inches create a lovely white winter scene across the city.

Rain will usually fall on an average of less than 11 days per month during the winter months. You can also expect an average of 5 hours of daily sunshine each month during December, January and February. With the wettest and coldest weather usually occurring directly in the middle.

During the winter months, there are is always the risk of a snow storm being forecast, with the worst storms to affect the area usually coming from the North. These bring with them high winds, heavy rain and occasional snow.

Visiting Washington DC

Washington DC has a lot to offer visitors at any time of the year. This was the first planned capital and was named in honour of George Washington, Americas' first President. 

The topography of Washington DC similar to Maryland is fairly flat and easy to get around. However the gradient does rise slightly from the banks of the Potomac River which is surrounded by low hills in the north and rolling land in the South. 

There are 3 major natural flowing bodies of water in the city: Potomac River; Anacostia River and Rock Creek.  And the area is divided artificially into 4 quadrants: northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest. 

Throughout the region there are a range of sites to enjoy. From the wonderful buildings relating to the legislative and historical aspects of the country to the National Gallery of Art, the exotic plants and flowers at the Botanical Gardens, or the creatures at the National Zoo.

In total there are 74 historical sites to enjoy and a further 70 museums. 

Washington DC also boasts a national centre for the arts with numerous performing arts establishments such as National Symphony Orchestra, Washington National Opera, Shakespeare Theatre Company and The Washington Ballet all offering regular performances. 

If you like live jazz music then you might like to try the Bohemian Caverns or Madam's Organ Blues Bar.  If watching a game of sport is more for you, then there are major professional teams in Washington, playing soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey and football. 

This city is a great place to enjoy the weather, attractions, culture or sports.  Check our weather averages to ensure you gain a clear idea of when the best time would be for you to visit.

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