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Historic Temperatures for 9th July in Puerto de la Duquesa

Average High 25°C (77°F)
Record High 33°C (91°F) (2007)
Average Low 19°C (66°F)
Record Low 17°C (63°F) (1998)

Weather in Puerto de la Duquesa

Sitting peacefully on the south-eastern coastline of the Spanish mainland, not too far from the Strait of Gibraltar, Puerto de la Duquesa is one of Spain's hidden jewels. It's part of the Costa del Sol cluster of resorts and, as the name graciously suggests, it almost never lacks the abundance of sunshine that many people covet in other parts of Europe.

The general climate in this area is a pleasant Subtropical-Mediterranean one, with predominantly mild winters and comfortably hot summers, as well as a couple of transitional seasons in between. Throughout the year, the weather maintains a pleasant feel across the board, making Puerto de la Duquesa a great place to visit in pretty much any month. 


August is known to be the hottest month of the year, measuring high averages up to 29°C, while January is the coldest, with low averages reaching 11°C.


In terms of rainfall, the area gets a healthy amount outside of summer, with the wettest month being December and measuring up to 192mm on average.

The driest months are July and August, with barely one or two showers cumulated overall. As expected, there is sunshine galore in Puerto de la Duquesa, while its position on the continent gives it up to 14 hours of light in midsummer alone. For a 14-day forecast, click here.

Average Sea Temperature

The Alboran Sea is equally pleasing throughout the year, measuring between 16°C and 23°C on average, and it's excellent for swimming from June until late October, with very few disturbances or deceitful undercurrents. No wonder the Spanish make this a top destination throughout the year!


It's not as touristy and crowded as Marbella, for example, but it still possesses the charm and climate typical to the region. The average wind speed rests around 20kmh, but it has been known to exceed that, reaching up to 40kmh during spring and winter most of these are dry winds from the south and south-east.


Humidity ranges between 59% and 78%, with months like November, December and January recording slightly more oppressive dew points, while May, June, July and August are known to be the most comfortable.

If we're to look at the bigger picture, it's easy to understand why Puerto de la Duquesa is such a popular destination, yet not trampled by too many people: its prosperity lies in its excellent weather and friendly waters, combined with local traditions and charming venues which appeal to those looking for relaxation and good food, rather than psychedelic and buzzing nightlife.

Spring Weather in Puerto de la Duquesa


Covering MarchApril and May, spring is known as an early preview of summer, warm and friendly but equally capricious in the first half. It sometimes starts in late February, raising the average temperature from 16°C all the way up to 20° over just three months. The hotter days are expected to reach 23°C, while the nights are cool and crisp at a low average of 14°C.


Consistent rain is present in spring, oscillating from 68mm drops to a temporary increase to 72mm, then a substantial drop to 31mm of rainfall on average, spread across 8 to 10 days in the month.

Average Sea Temperature

The beautiful sea begins to warm up gradually, starting its ascent from an average of 16°C and reaching 18°C as the summer approaches. Humidity and wind speeds are relatively high during the season, measuring between 70% and 76%, and 36kmh and 45kmh respectively, making spring a vivacious time to spend in Puerto de la Duquesa, with choppy morning waters and high tides in the afternoon.

The trees bloom and this entire strip of golden sand and melodious coastline is truly a beauty to behold. Most importantly, it's the perfect season for gastronomical tours, as well as hiking and cycling tours through the area's diverse geography the views are absolutely superb, with a deep blue sea spreading on one side, and lush forests and quaint fishing villages and rural resorts sprinkled along the mainland.

Summer Weather in Puerto de la Duquesa


This is the official holiday season on Costa del Sol, lasting from early June until late September four months of glorious sunshine, minimal amounts of precipitation and average high temperatures ranging between 26°C and 29°C. The average temperature sits around 22°C in June, 24°C in September, 25°C in August and 23°C in September.


Humidity reaches its lowest in July and August, with an average of 65-68%, encouraged by dry southern winds from the northern coast of neighbouring Africa. 

Average Sunshine Hours

There are up to 14 hours of sunshine expected during the peak of the season. Rainfall drops from a timid 11mm to 1mm, then slowly rises to 24mm in September, spread over a total of about 12 days throughout the entire season.

Average Sea Temperature

The sea warms up to a beautiful 23°C average, sometimes maintaining itself in such wonderful conditions until early October. The waters are calm and the breeze is often refreshing, while the currents are mostly tropical, flowing from the south, as well as some influences from the neighbouring Balearic Sea. This superb marina and its fine beaches are flanked by proud mountains, home to splendid flora and fascinating rural settlements villages where time seems to have stopped for a moment.

Autumn Weather in Puerto de la Duquesa

Taking over just October and November, autumn is not necessarily the end of a holiday season. Hotel prices usually drop substantially during this time of the year, making room for great deals over weekend escapes.


The average temperature drops from 20°C to 17°C, but the high end hovers around 22°C and 19°C respectively, and the days get shorter as well, experiencing up to 8-9 hours of generous sunshine.


Despite the consistently warm and pleasant temperatures, as well as playful wind speeds ranging between 30-45kmh on average, autumn does bring in a hefty amount of precipitation and even fog in the early hours of the morning.


Rainfall rises abruptly to 95mm in October and still further to 103mm in November as winter approaches, spread over 11-12 days per month.


Humidity rises to a constant 70% average with relatively comfortable dew points well below the 20°C mark, making this transitional season not a bad one after all if you're not too crazy about tropical heat but wouldn't mind warming up on a beach in late October like a lizard in the sun, then Puerto de la Duquesa is the right place for you.

Average Sea Temperature

In fact, you can even go for a quick splash in the sea, especially in October when the water temperature keeps itself steady around 21°C on average.

Autumn is an excellent time to visit the resort mainly because it's wine season, and a perfect time to explore the area towards the mountains, across the hills and orchards it's the harvesting periods, and the locals buzz around the vineyards and orchards for seasonal produce and delicious grapes.

This is an excellent time for wine and cheese tasting tours, so don't be shy and ask your hotel's tour desk for some useful phone numbers and websites to explore the regional vineyards and winemakers are more than happy to welcome you and give you a taste of their excellent products.

Winter Weather in Puerto de la Duquesa

There have been very few instances in Puerto de la Duquesa in which the mercury dropped below 5°C during the past decades, and yet a snowflake or two might still sneak into the midwinter landscape.


Stretching from December through January and February, winter is mild and relatively uneventful, witnessing average low temperatures of 11-12°C during the chilly nights and average highs of 16-17°C during the warmer and sunnier days of any given month. The overall average temperature is steady between 14°C and 15°C, with humidity reaching 75% and wind speeds down to 30kmh on average.

Average Sea Temperature

The Alboran Sea cools down substantially as well, measuring 17°C in December then 16°C in January and February, with cool influences from the north-west.


The Christmas month is expected to receive a heavy amount of rainfall, measuring up to 192mm on average over 14 days or more, but the last two months of winter relax and drop to 105mm and 87mm consecutively over just 10-12 days on average.

While it's not the best season for sunbathing or swimming, winter gives Puerto de la Duquesa a different kind of charm, and the festive cuisine takes over most of the local restaurants, turning it into an absolute haven for gourmands worldwide.

The mulled wine and hot flamenco shows can easily spice up any night, and the museums and cultural centres along the coastline are excellent destinations during this time of the year.

Costa del Sol has a multitude of important moments of history, particularly Moorish influences and maritime expeditions, and they are all carefully recorded into the architecture and decorative arts of the region making winter a perfectly peaceful time to explore it all.

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