Many families keen to realise their and their kids’ dreams of going to Disneyland know that the weather can make or break a great holiday. This is especially true of us Brits who don’t have the luxury of gambling our precious fortnight in the sun. Luckily, Florida isn’t known as the ‘sunshine state’ for nothing, and with Orlando – where the famous Walt Disney World Resort is based – enjoying reliably good weather all-year round, your Disney dream is likely to be golden.

Walt Disney World Resort – the lowdown

Walt Disney World Resort (WDWR) in Florida, USA opened in 1971 and as the years have passed has gradually grown into a huge entertainment complex that encompasses four theme parks, a sports complex, a shopping and entertainment centre, a campsite and 24 Disney hotels. Due to its reliably favourable climate, Walt Disney World Resort also boasts two water theme parks – perfect for cooling off!

Best time to go

Likely to be top of the agenda in terms of making your decision of when to realise your Disney dream will very much depend on the weather. Fortunately, Orlando enjoys consistently fantastic weather for most of the year, with annual average temperatures never dipping below 16ᵒC, however, there are still some slight variations from month to month.

Orlando is still fairly warm during the winter making it a popular getaway for those who want to escape chilly winter weather back home. January is a good time to visit WDWR as the weather will be pleasant and it’s not too crowded. Keep in mind that the first week of January may still be quite busy due to the Christmas holidays, so go later on in the month to avoid the masses.

Florida can get unbearably humid during July and August and will receive its fair share of rain showers, especially in the afternoon. A great time to visit WDWR is October, as it’ll still be warm and sunny – with 8 hours of daily sunshine – but it’s far less humid. Mid-to-late November is also pleasant – factoring in humidity, average temperatures, daily rain showers and sunshine – as is late February to March. It’s still relatively cool in Orlando in February, however, it’s still warm enough to enjoy a dip and enjoy WDWR’s thrills and spills-laden water parks. Also, the resort won’t be as crowded as during the peak summer period, a relief when travelling with little ones hell bent on filling their every waking hour with Disney-fuelled fun and frolics! Another highlight is orange blossom will be in bloom at this time of year – ensuring your holiday will be a fragrant one.

Walt Disney World Resort really is HUGE and is spread over large area, so visitors have to use cars or buses to get from the hotels to the park, which invariably involves hanging around in long queues and travelling around in crowded buses – not pleasant if you go at an unbearably hot and humid time of year – i.e. July and August.

Click here for a 14-day weather forecast, and here to book tickets to Walt Disney Land resort.

Happy holidays!


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