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Moliets et Maa receives all four seasons with hot summers, mild winters and moderate rainfall. The resort has a temperate maritime climate which is known for mild temperatures and changeability. Moliets et Maa sits far south on Franceâs southwest coast on the North Atlantic Ocean in the Aquitaine region. It is only an hourâs drive from Biarritz, Franceâs most famous surfing destination close to its border with Spain. Summer sees Moliets et Maaâs best weather, but the temperature and sunshine levels are generally preferable year round to those of the UK and other, more northerly locations.

The regionâs climate is largely dictated by Atlantic winds and currents. It is in fact much warmer than might be expected at this latitude due to the presence of the warm Gulf Stream. Moliets et Maa is close to the Pyrenees and areas south of the mountains are generally warmer and drier as these mountains stop cool, wet weather from the north from travelling down south. The wind makes Moliets et Maaâs beach a great place for water sports such as sailing, kite surfing and wind surfing. However, it can cause difficulties if youâre visiting the 27-hole golf course which is open year round and sits amidst the pine forest. Wind coming in from the Atlantic is very moist making Moliets et Maa quite wet year round, but this can be thanked for the areaâs beautiful green landscape.

Summer, from June till September, is pleasantly hot and relatively dry. The average high temperature rises up through the 20s, from 22°C in June to 24°C in the peak months of July and August, then reduces slightly to 23°C in September. This is not as hot as it gets on Franceâs Mediterranean coast, but many appreciate the absence of extreme heat. The average low sits in the mid-teens so even at night it is quite warm. July is the driest and sunniest time of year in Moliets et Maa with an average of eight hours of sunshine per day and short, heavy showers on an average of twelve days in the month. Thunderstorms occur frequently, especially towards the end of the summer. However, rainstorms usually donât spoil the best of the day as they often occur in the evening or at night and are short-lived. The sea temperature is highest in August at an average of 22°C, but is warm enough for swimming throughout the season, though early June might take some courage.

Autumn, in October and November, starts off warm but soon becomes mild. The average high temperature drops to 20°C in October and then 15°C in November. Night time temperatures become pretty cool with average lows of 11°C and 7°C respectively. While there are many warm days in October, you will need an extra layer or so right from the start of the season for the evenings. Sunshine levels drop to an average of five hours per day in October and four in November. Rainfall increases, November being the wettest month in the year, and the ocean cools down to an average of 15°C in November,which most would consider too cold for swimming.

Winter, from December till February, is mild but sometimes a bit gloomy. The average high temperature sits around 12°C, and the average low around 5°C for the entire season. Wind coming in off the ocean can make this feel much cooler. Frosts can occur but rarely towards the coast, and snow is highly unlikely. Wet, grey weather can linger with rain falling on an average of sixteen days per month, and sunshine levels dropping to around three hours per day. However, many parts of the UK only see an hour of sunshine per day so Moliets et Maa is comparatively sunny in winter.

Spring, from March till May, is warm and bright but highly changeable. The average high temperature climbs to 14°C in March, 16°C in April and 19°C in May, and the average low gets up to 6°C, 8°C and 11°C respectively. T-shirt weather can occur on sunny days from mid-April, but cool winds can always push the temperature down and night times remain cool throughout the season. Sunshine levels increase to five hours per day in March and six for the rest of the season, but rain still falls on more than half of the days in each month. The Atlantic remains too cold for swimming, still at its lowest of 12°C in March and climbing to 15°C by the end of the season. The weather is highly changeable throughout Spring, though really, because Moliets et Maa is on the coast, the weather is changeable year round.

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