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Historic Temperatures for 8th March in Looe

Average High 8°C (46°F)
Record High 12°C (54°F) (2014)
Average Low 4°C (39°F)
Record Low -3°C (27°F) (2005)

Located on the south western tip of England, Looe is a small, yet bustling, coastal community in Cornwall. Home to a variety of attractions and activities and favourably mild weather, Looe is a popular all year round holiday destination.

Looe is alive with tourism, even after the busy summer months, thanks to its mild weather lending itself as a great place to escape the cold winters or the sweltering hot days of the inland. The Atlantic Ocean brings in the characteristic mildness of the weather in Looe, as it blows in gentle sea winds from the south western direction, making the entire southwest region famous for the early springs and the longer autumn spells that the seasonal changes bring.


Spring in Looe is particularly famous for arriving earlier than the usual springtime season in other areas in England. The months of May and June are the most enjoyable and refreshing months of the spring season, with average temperatures ranging from 14C to 15C. The spring season heralds the bloom of Looe√Ęs lush vegetation, especially during the last few weeks of May and the first few weeks of June.


The sun continues to climb and gain altitude during the last few weeks of June up to early July, and as the summer season unfolds in Looe, the weather is characterised by warm, dry spells, and cool, humid nights. Tourism is at its peak during the summer season, as the sea water temperature and the weather become favourable for enjoying beach activities such as fishing, diving, and sailing.

Average summer temperatures reach around 20C or more during the day, with temperatures peaking during the months of July and August. Temperatures during the cool and windy nights can fall as far as 10C on the lower end of the scale.

Looe enjoys occasional gusts of sea breezes during the summer months, which bring about refreshing winds amid the heat, and the hot days usually go on for several weeks without rain. However, the continuous spells of sunshine in Looe can bring occasional downpours at night that last for hours, and these are usually accompanied by heavy thunderstorms.


Autumn brings in a huge amount of out-of-season tourists who want to witness the pleasantly warm autumn mornings in Looe. The first few signs of the autumn season in Looe are often felt during the month of September, and the season lasts until the remaining days of October, although it can extend into the first few weeks of November. Looe experiences an average temperature of about 13C to 16C during the autumn season, and the mornings bring a touch of warmth in the air.

The autumn nights bring in noticeably cooler temperatures that reach around 7C to 8C at the lowest. The Atlantic Ocean brings in a series of strong gales along the coasts of Looe as depressions start to form on its waters, but owing to its south eastern location, the Gulf Stream brings in mild, warm air to Looe, and brings forth the changes in daily weather conditions.


The winter months in Looe are among the mildest throughout Britain, as the temperatures during the coldest months of January and February reach a maximum of around 5C to 7C. The coldest temperatures in Looe may get down to freezing in the inland areas, but for the coastal regions, the winter days are usually frost-free and the outdoors are still enjoyable.

Surfing activities in Looe may not be at their finest during the winter months, because the season is usually characterised by strong gusts of Atlantic winds that produce blown out and messy waves on the seas.

The winter season in Looe begins at around the end of November and lasts until March, although the temperatures during April can still be chilly. Looe owes its mild winter season to the warm ocean currents that constantly bring in warm air to the coastal lands, and its location on the southern latitude. The winter season in Looe and in the surrounding region of Cornwall is noted to be the warmest winter all throughout England.

Natural disasters and phenomena are unlikely in Looe, although the area has experienced extremely dry spells that often result from heat waves and drought. However, the coastal location of Looe compensates for the hot temperatures, and the droughts are not as severe as those that the inland areas have experienced.

Winter months can also bring about extremely strong gales of winds from the European windstorms that form on the seas, which usually hit land along the coasts of Looe. The windstorms bring floods and extremely heavy downpours of rain to the area, and because most of the land is located in the valleys, the area is prone to rapid floods, especially on the River Looe.

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