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Kilmarnock, Scotland<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Kilmarnock is a large burgh (town) in East Ayrshire, Western Scotland. It has a mild maritime climate with four distinct seasons throughout the year and no particular extremes of climate. Precipitation falls often onto Kilmarnock terrain in true Scottish tradition throughout the whole year, so waterproof clothing and umbrellas really are a must! November through to January comprise the wettest months of the year. Throughout late autumn, all of winter and early spring, Kilmarnock may receive some snow.


Summer, running through the months of June, July and August is typically the warmest time of year in Kilmarnock. Average high temperatures can reach up to a pleasant 19°C, with August being the hottest time of year. Should you choose to stay in Kilmarnock for your holidays during the summer, packing some warmer items of clothing is still important, as temperatures can drop down to about 8°C. Visitors are recommended to check the weather forecast before their arrival, to ensure you are prepared. Rain is no stranger to Kilmarnock, even during the hottest season of the year with up to 73 millimetres of rain falling down on Kilmarnock each summer month and up to 22 days of precipitation.


Autumn is typically cooler compared to the summer months, with the average low temperature hanging around a chilly 5°C. However, temperatures can still be pleasant in Kilmarnock with an average high reaching up to a comfortable 17°C, enabling visitors to explore the large town and admire the Scottish landscapes in its autumn beauty. Visitors are still recommended to come prepared for wet weather however, as November is the wettest month of the year, reaching up to 123 millimetres of precipitation over 24 rainy days. You can probably expect a bit of snow over November, so remember to wrap up warm!


Winter is typically the coldest season of the year with the warmest temperatures only reaching around 8°C. The average low temperature is a bitter cold 1°C through December, January and February. Winter is not an overly wet time of year, with monthly precipitation levels not reaching above 85 millimetres over around 21 rainy days. It is likely that visitors will receive some snow during their stay in Kilmarnock with two snowy days throughout December and January and three snowy days during February.


Even though the average low temperatures through the spring months are still rather chilly at around 3°C, this is still some sort of improvement; spring is the time of year when the temperature slowly creeps up once more. With an average high of around a cool 12°C this is a certain improvement compared to the last season! Spring is a relatively âdryâ time of year in Kilmarnock with up to only 61 millimetres of rainfall throughout each month, over around 20 rainy days. Itâs still probably a good idea to take an umbrella with you though!

Because Western Scotland is one of the more exposed areas of the United Kingdom, being close to the Atlantic can make winds quite strong. The expected wind-speed in May is 17 kilometres per hour but the maximum recorded wind speed is a strong 111kph, so it may be worth inventing a turbine to charge your iPod. It seems that itâs âanything goesâ for weather in Kilmarnock throughout spring, because visitors can also expect 2 snowy days in March and 1 in April⦠it may be a good idea to come prepared for everything!

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