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27 Sep
UK Time: 10:18 BST
Local Time: 13:18 +04
38°C (100°F)
9mph (15kmh)
  • Sunrise 06:09
  • Sunset 18:10
Temp feels like: 40°C (104°F)
Length of Day: 12h 1m
Pressure: 30" (1009 hpa)
Visiblity: 6 miles (10 km)
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Historic Temperatures for 27th September in Dubai

Average High 36°C (97°F)
Record High 40°C (104°F) (2001)
Average Low 26°C (79°F)
Record Low 25°C (77°F) (1996)

What is the weather like in Dubai ?

Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates in the Middle Eastome other famous emirates are Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

This famous city rightly has a reputation for being sunny and very hot. Temperatures in the 40°s are not uncommon and yearly rainfall averages just 150mm in total.

Dubai's Desert Climate

The climate is desert-like and can be described as an arid subtropical climate. It never gets cold, with even winter nights seeing temperatures in the mid-teens.

Dubai is essentially a city of skyscrapers, swimming pools and golf courses rising out of the middle of the desert - needless to say that it's a spectacularly unique place to visit.

Summer Weather in Dubai

How Hot Does Dubai Get In Summer?

Summer can see extremely hot temperatures in Dubai. June to September is the hottest period of the year and the mercury can soar up to 41°C.

The overall average temperature is in the low to mid-30°s in summer, peaking at a scorching 36°C in August. In July, the temperature averages 35°C, while in June and September it is 33°C.

At this time of year, daily highs average no less than 38°C in June and regularly top out in the 40°s in the mid-summer months of July and August. In fact, average lows never dip below 26°C. Air-conditioning and a swimming pool in your hotel are definitely welcome at this time of year!

The months on either side of June and Septembera href="">May and October are very hot too, averaging around 30°C and often seeing highs in the mid-30s. It can be concluded that Dubai is a hot destination pretty much all year round. 

How Warm Is The Sea In Summer In Dubai?

Refuge from the beating sun can also be sought in the sea, which averages between 31°C and 33°C in the summer season. These sea temperatures are very high and for some people, may even be too high to offer much relief from the heat.

How Much Rain Does Dubai Get In Summer?

Rainfall is extremely low in summer months; so low in fact that the monthly average is negligible. In the course of summer, the emirate doesn't receive more than about 30mm of rainfall in total.

You are very unlikely to see rain in summer. Rainfall is very low from March through to November. Most of the annual rainfall occurs in winter, but this is still not much.

Average Sunshine Hours

Expect plenty of sunshine in summer too. June averages a whopping 12 sunshine hours a day, which is the annual maximum, and you should see the big orange ball for more than 10 hours a day right from April until the endof October.

Why is the desert so much cooler at night?

This is because the sand needs the sun for its energy so once you get to night and there is no sun it cools off, simular to if you walk on a beach at night it often feels cool on your bare feet.

In the daytime the sand cannot hold the heat, it just mirrors the sun, also with no water in the desert there is ni vegetation so no photosynthesis to cool the earth around it.

Winter Weather in Dubai

How Cold Is WInter In Dubai?

Winter enjoys more comfortable temperatures in Dubai. December through to  February are the coolest months, averaging around 19°C to 21°C.

With highs in the mid-20s and lows in the mid-teens, it is a pleasant time to visit Dubai, especially for those unaccustomed to hot temperatures.

Although winter may be the coolest season in Dubai, it is good to remember that these temperatures might be the warmest season in other destinations - again, it's a warm desert-like destination.

How Much Does In Rain In Winter In Dubai?  

Winter is when most of the annual rainfall occurs. Seeing that annual rainfall is only about 150mm, there still isn't much in these months either.

Late winter sees the most rain on average; February is the emirate's wettest month, receiving approximately 40mm of rainfall. The average show that the winter months receive about 4 to 6 days with some rainfall a month.

Heavy rain can occur in Dubai. January 2008, for instance, saw 120mm (nearly all of the yearly average) fall in just 24 hours. Rain this heavy is an exceptionally rare occurrence, but heavy showers may occur each year.

If they do occur, they will only be a minor nuisance, though, because although they will be heavy, they'll be shortlived.

How Humid Is Dubai In WInter?

Winter months are slightly more humid than other times of the year. Humidity averages about 60% across the year.

How Warm Is The Sea In Dubai In Winter?

The sea temperature remains above 20°C all year, so you can always take a dip even in winter. The sea is at its 'coolest' in January and February, when it averages 21°C.

Winter Sunshine Hours In Dubai

The number of sunshine hours is also at its annual low in mid-winter. All three winter monthsecember, January and Februaryave eight sunshine hours a day on average, which is still extremely high, but lower than the summer peaks.

Spring and Autumn Weather in Dubai

Spring and Autumn Temperatures In Dubai

Spring and autumn see conditions in-between the summer and winter extremes. Late spring and early autumn are very hot, with temperatures nearing the summer maximum.

In early spring, the days rapidly get hotter and there is still a risk of rainfall. In April, for instance, the nights are 20°C and warm on average, while the afternoons can get hot, with temperatures reaching 32°C.

The average daily temperatures increase rapidly throughout spring. March is 23°C - warm. While May is 31°C - hot. In terms of rainfall and sunshine, spring and autumn are comparably dry and sunny.

What Is Al Wasm?

'Al Wasm' is the Arabic name given to a period of cooler, rainier days in Dubai, usually lasting for between 52-60 days between mid-October and early December.

The season is characterized by moderate temperatures during the day but cooler nights. the Al Wasm season's rains contribute to the growth of wild plants and truffles.

How Warm Is the Sea In Spring And Autumn?

The sea temperatures are also pretty much equal between the two seasons, between a balmy 25° and 28°C.

Rainfall In Spring and Autumn In Dubai

Autumn is generally warm and dry, each month not receiving more than 10mm of rainfall in total.

Sunshine In Dubai in Spring And Autumn

Sunshine doesn't vary much throughout the year and autumn, therefore, gets its fair share of sunrays as well. October has 10 beautiful hours of sunshine per day, while November has nine hours.

Overall, regardless of the time of year you visit, you are guaranteed solidly good weather in Dubai if sunshine, warmth and swimming are what you are after.

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