Great thing to do on holiday in Dubai is to go on a Desert Safari. The Desert Safari Dubai is a wonderful experience.

Dune bashing on quad bikes, camel riding, and sandboarding are some of the activities. You also get to enjoy the magical beauty of the desert. Before you plan your desert safari, you need to know Dubai’s seasons and what the best weather conditions are.

Seasons of Dubai

With only 23 days of rain throughout the whole year in Dubai, it rarely rains, the city has (more or less) only two seasons: summer and winter. However, summer is predominant in the city with temperatures rising to 41oC / 106oF and even the day temperature during the winter months can rise to 31oC / 88oF.

Peak summers in Dubai runs from June to September, while winter season in Dubai is between November and February. The best time to visit Dubai for holidaying and sightseeing is the winter season, when the temperature is relatively pleasant.

Best Time for Desert Safari in Dubai

As winter is the best time to visit Dubai, it is also believed to be the best time for desert safari. However, an important thing to understand that the weather in the desert is slightly different from the main city. In fact, the temperature in the desert in the evenings is slightly lower than in the city, even during summers. This makes it possible to go on a desert safari throughout the year. Good Operator to go with is DDS – Dubai Desert Safari .

Why is the desert so much cooler at night ?

This is because the sand needs the sun for its energy so once you get to night and there is no sun it cools off, similar to if you walk on a beach at night it often feels cool on your bare feet. 

In the daytime the sand cannot hold the heat, it just mirrors the sun, also with no water in the desert there is no vegetation so no photosynthesis to cool the earth around it.

Weather Conditions and Desert Safari

Desert Safari in Winter

If you are planning for a desert safari in Dubai, you can opt for morning desert safari, evening or/and overnight safari. The morning one starts early in the morning, sometimes even before the sun rises. All the activities are completed before the heat of the sun becomes unbearable.

The evening desert safari begins in early evening, when the heat of the sun is not too harsh. You also get to enjoy a beautiful sunset . Moreover, if you opt for an overnight desert safari, you would get to enjoy the chilly weather of the desert late at night. 

Desert Safari in Summer

Most desert safari companies do not offer the option of morning desert safari in the summer. Instead, you can opt for the evening desert safari that begins early in the evening. Before you are exposed to the heat of the desert, you would get to enjoy the dune boarding in Al Lahbab or Dune bashing session in a fully air-conditioned vehicle at.

However, by the time you reach the desert camp, it is almost time for sunset, and the temperature starts cooling down a bit. You can also opt for an overnight desert safari, as the temperature in the desert is 7oC lower than the temperature in the city. 

Besides, most companies offer air-conditioned tents for overnight desert safaris to make your stay comfortable.

Essential Desert Safari Tips

Here are some important desert safari tips that would make your trip easier and more comfortable during any weather.

  • Always opt for light-colored cotton clothes while going on a desert safari in Dubai.
  • It would be better to carry a light jacket, as the weather can get chillier in the evening during winter.
  • If you are planning on an overnight desert safari in the winter, do not forget to take heavy woolens with you.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during your desert safari.
  • Do apply a good sunscreen to protect your skin in the desert.
  • Do not forget to wear a cap and sunglasses in the desert.
  • Wearing flip-flops in the desert is comfortable and at the same time easier to clean if sand goes inside your footwear.
  • Avoid dune bashing or any other adventurous rides if you are pregnant or have a history of back pain or heart disease.


Overall, it can be said that desert safari in Dubai can be enjoyed throughout the year. While winters are ideal, you can make the most of the desert safari and its activities even in the summer season as well.


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