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07 Jun
UK Time: 17:18 BST
Local Time: 17:18 WEST
Partly Sunny
25°C (77°F)
9mph (15kmh)
  • Sunrise 06:56
  • Sunset 20:52
Temp feels like: 27°C (81°F)
Length of Day: 13h 56m
Pressure: 30" (1010 hpa)
Visiblity: 6 miles (10 km)
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Historic Temperatures for 7th June in Correlejo

Average High 24°C (75°F)
Record High 32°C (90°F) (2005)
Average Low 18°C (64°F)
Record Low 16°C (61°F) (2013)

Corralejo is resort town located on the island of Fuerteventura, which is part of the Canary Islands. This town is the largest of the resort areas and is famous for its beaches and fishing. As an active fishing town, it sees an influx of visitors and tradesmen during the peak fishing seasons and throughout the year. The visitors that do come for a vacation are attracted to the beautiful beaches and clear waters. The water is clear and intensely blue, but has a strong current that can be dangerous on certain days. The wind in Corralejo makes it an ideal spot for sailing and windsurfing, and an ideal city for the annual kite festival that is held there. If you are planning a trip there, you should be aware of the weather during the various seasons. It is also helpful to know out of the ordinary weather patterns and whether they are likely to happen again.

A windy day at Correlejo Beach

A windy day at Correlejo Beach


Summer in Corralejo is the hottest time of the year. Just as in most places, the summer is warm and sunny. The average temperatures can reach into mid 20s C and above. With a strong ocean breeze, the temperature can be high but you will still be able to enjoy the day of beach going and activities. Some tourists have complained that the wind is too strong and just blows around the dust and hot air, while others claim it makes the warmer temperatures bearable. If you only have a chance for vacation during the summer, don't despair, as you will still be able to enjoy a vacation in Corralejo. Many people in the surrounding countries will visit the islands at this time of year because it is when they have the chance to take a holiday.


Autumn is one of the varying seasons that are virtually non-existent in Corralejo. You will not find a drastic difference between summer, fall, spring, and winter, but the temperatures will decrease slightly as the fall sets in. There is no real difference in the sunshine or rain so you can almost always be guaranteed a day perfect for enjoying the pristine beaches.




Winter in Corralejo does see a slight temperature drop. While it isn't drastic, it can be a bit cooler than summer. This makes it ideal for the tourists from Europe and North America to visit, as their home countries are very cold and bleak. The sunshine and warm breezes found in Corralejo are a sure-fire way to banish those winter blues and have you feeling happy and refreshed. The temperatures in the winter will be in the mid to upper teens C, in comparison to the summer where the highs can be in the 20s C. Unlike some islands, the winter doesn't bring cool, rainy weather. There is no increase in the storm frequencies either, so if you only have vacation time in the winter, you can book your travel knowing that you will have beautiful weather for every day.


For spring, it has been said that Corralejo is stuck. That's definitely not a negative aspect for the traveller and visitor to the area. Spring has the best temperatures and clearest weather. The area in the spring stays in the mid teens C on a daily basis with sunshine prevalent. You won't find April showers here so you can book your travel for this time of the year as well and know you will have wonderful weather.

A wild beach of Correlejo

A wild beach of Correlejoâ'

Strange Weather Events

In Corralejo, the weather is usually about as perfect as one could hope for. It has become the go-to destination for those in Europe, as it is closer than the Caribbean islands, thus cutting down on travel costs and time. One can enjoy shorter holidays with more frequency when traveling to a closer destination. The boost in mood and spirit can be well worth the expense, but when it can be an enjoyable trip for a lower cost, this makes it even more worth your time.

If you find yourself in the area, there is one weather phenomenon that may put a damper on the trip. In the islands, it is known as La Calima. This happens when the dust and sand is stirred up over the Sahara and driven by the wind to the Canary Islands. Since Corralejo is part of the island group, it is affected by these dust and sand storms. The air will be full of dust, which can make it seem as though there is a dense fog over the region. These particles, once they settle, will leave a fine layer of yellow sediment on everything that is exposed. While the air is full of dust and sand, there is also moisture in the air, as the moisture that was present cannot rise to form full droplets of rain. So this phenomenon can leave the air sticky and dirty.

You may not think this is too much of a problem since you can just plan to stay indoors if you are on a trip to Corralejo and wind up experiencing La Calima. In reality, however, the air becomes charged with an excess of positive ions and they can affect your mood. You may feel an increase in tension and irritability. You may even experience headaches and extreme lethargy. If you are traveling with friends and family, it is wise to watch for these symptoms and understand if they begin to exhibit irritability, as it is not your fault. Some people are allergic to this type of dust and it can cause respiratory problems if they end up having to breathe in the air.

The good thing about La Calima is that it is only temporary and not a common occurrence. The dust and sand will blow in and can last for up to three days, but when it is over, the sun will come back out. There may be clean up that is necessary to get rid of the yellow dust and allergens, however. Even if you are on a holiday in Corralejo and happen to experience La Calima, chances are it will not last long or ruin your time there. You'll be back enjoying the beaches and sights in no time!

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