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Historic Temperatures for 18th October in Brean

Average High 12°C (54°F)
Record High 17°C (63°F) (2001)
Average Low 6°C (43°F)

Brean is a coastal resort town located in Somerset, UK between Weston-super-mare and Burnham-on-sea. Nearby stands the promontory of Brean Down, which rises 98 metres and is 2.4 kilometres long. It marks the end of Weston Bay.

Influenced by its location on the western coast of the UK, Brean's overall climate is mild. Rain is quite common and distributed pretty evenly throughout the year. In keeping with its maritime climate, Brean's driest months occur during spring and summer, while the autumn and winter months experience more rain and chillier temperatures. Due to the waters around Brean being influenced by the cooler currents of the North Sea and the Upper Atlantic, the sea remains on the cool side all year round. The sea is at its warmest in August at a pleasant 19°C.

Brean and its surrounding areas have been prone to flooding in the past. In 1607, a major flood occurred. Many lives were lost and farmlands ruined. The cause of this flood is under debate. While it was once thought to be the aftermath of extreme weather combined with peak tides, recent evidence suggests that it may have been caused by a tsunami. More recently, on 13 December 1981 there was flooding caused by high tides and an unusually severe rainstorm. The entire coastal area including Brean was affected.


Typical of the temperate maritime climate of the British Isles, the winter months in Brean are wet and cool with little sunshine. Sunny hours are minimal at only 4 hours a day and daytime temperatures rise no higher than 8°C, while the temperature at nights dips to around 3°C. Rain will fall for 17 to 19 days out of the month, with as much as 62mm falling. During the winter months swimming in the around Brean if for the brave! â" the sea water temperature gets no higher than a nippy 12°C.


Spring in Brean is marked by a gradual warming trend. Day time temperatures start out at 10°C in March and rise to 16°C by May. Nights, however, remain cool with temperatures dropping to around 8°C. There is more sun to enjoy, with sunshine hours rising to 8 hours a day by May. There is also less rain, with as little as 29mm falling in a month, while the sea temperature has risen to a steady 12°C.


Summer is a warm and pleasant season in Brean. Day time temperatures rise to around 20°C while nighttime temperatures hover around 13°C. Itâll rain 16 days out of the month, although when it is sunny, sunshine hours remain high at 8 hours a day. The sea water temperature remains cool, however, by August, Breanâs coastal waters are at their warmest at 17°C.


The beginning of autumn stays mild but as winter approaches, the temperatures start cooling down. September highs can reach 17°C, before dropping to 10°C by November. Nights become chillier with temperatures falling to as low as 5°C. Rain becomes more prevalent as well, with as much as 68mm of rainfall. 20 days out of the month will be wet, and sunshine hours are seriously dwindling.

By the end of autumn, daily sunshine hours have dropped to only 3 hours a day and the water temperature dips back down to around 12°C.

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