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Arugam Bay Live Weather, Southern, Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay


33° 91°

Your Time: Time in Arugam Bay: 14:39

2:00 PM, Tue 23rd Jul

  • Temp feels like
  • Length of day
    12h 28m
  • Pressure
    29" (1007 hpa)
  • Visibility
    10 km (6miles)
  • Wind speed
    10 km/h

Sunrise 05:56

Sunset 18:24
  • Temp feels like:

    37ºC (99 ºF)

  • Length of day:

    12h 28m

  • Pressure:

    29" (1007 hpa)

  • Visibility:

    6 miles (10 km)

  • Wind speed:

    10 km/h

In the dry zone of Sri Lanka's Southeast coast within the Indian Ocean sits Arugam Bay. Situated in a region boasting stunning natural beauty and rich and diverse wildlife, Arugam Bay itself is well known for its amazing surf, budget digs and as great place to kick back and relax and enjoy a memorable holiday off the beaten track. Located 314 km from Colombo, Arugam Bay is a fishing village in the southern part of the town.

The approximate population of the Arugam Bay is 3,500 people and contains three small villages, with communities largely making a living through farming and fishing. Arugam Bay is ranked among the ten top surfing destinations of the world. Mid-year, Arugam Bay receives the same winter Antarctic swells as Indonesiaâs southern shores. The best time to surf is from May to November, when the major wind is offshore - for the first part of the day at least.


Being located on the Indian ocean in the dry zone of Sri Lankaâs South-East coast, the area has its own specific climate, which receives very little amount of rain as compared to the rest of the island. The months of April and August sees the best surfing waves in Sri Lanka, and surfers flock to Arugam Bay from May through to November. The overall weather in Arugam Bay is warm and tropical Arugam Bay. The average temperature in Arugam Bay is 28-30C during November, December and January; 30-32C during the months of February, March and September, October and 32-36C in the months of April, May, June, July and August.


The summer season in Arugam Bay starts early at the beginning of April and May; the sun is at its peak and the weather grows hot and humid that ranges from 60-90 percent. Arugam Bay is an extremely popular surf spot, and the season begins with the changing of the wind to the southeast. With the arrival of June, as the air and soil gets drier, the temperatures in the area start decreasing to an average of 29C. The waves also become more and more steady as the month progresses, with a continuous wind blowing from southeast ideal for some truly spectacular surfing. The months of July and August receive the same weather around this bay. The sea water temperature gets around 29C. The seawater temperature stays at 27C / 82F all year.


The months of September and October on Arugam Bay are mostly dry, contrary to the climate on the West Coast, and the bay sees an influx of holidaymakers and surfers flocking for surf, sun and sand. Rainfall in September is 35mm and is for nine days. In October, the rainfall is 133mm and stays around 13 days. Arugam Bay gets six hours per day during autumn. The humidity level is very high during these months with the seawater temperatures average around 28C. During the surfing season that starts in April and ends in October, the average water temperature is 28 degrees and the average air temperature is 32 degrees.


Arugam Bay stays steadily warm throughout the year. The months of November and December are relatively calm and quiet months. Although there are several sunny days and the temperatures remain mild, in the east it is considered the rainy season and the weather on the bay is mostly windy and receives occasional showers. This season also welcomes a number of migrating birds. Birds from as far as Siberia are known to fly here in order to escape the chillingly cold winters âback homeâ. The months from November to April signals the low season for the bay; things become very quiet, however, the water is calmer and good for swimming.

With the arrival of January, February and March comes warm humid weather. Average daytime temperature in January is 28C, 29C in February and 30C in March. Humidity level is moderate in Jan and Feb but high in March, along with refreshing winds moving from the northeast. This is a great time for a holiday and bird watching with fine weather and calm seas suitable for swimming, rafting, fishing and wind-surfing. There is an average of 7-8 hours of sunshine per day during these months. Sea temperature is around 28C.