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Historic Temperatures for 19th October in Vale do lobo

Average High 21°C (70°F)
Record High 30°C (86°F) (2014)
Average Low 15°C (59°F)
Record Low 10°C (50°F) (2012)

Vale do Lobo is a popular golf resort area located on the southern coast of Portugal. It is located in the Algarve region, which is known for its tourism and large influx of visitors each year. Its popularity nearly triples during the popular holiday seasons, and the entire region receives many national and international visitors regularly.

Vale do Lobo, as well as the surrounding region, is home to a diverse set of geography. The mountain range of Monchique is found not far from Vale do Lobo, in the Algarve region. The mountain range is a chain of mountains that offers breath-taking landscapes and hiking trails, with the highest peak being Foia, at 902m. The region also houses the famous Ria Formosa lagoon, which is comprised of a series of barrier islands near the port of Faro, not far from Vale do Lobo. This nature reserve is a home to hundreds of bird species and other diverse wildlife.

Vale do Lobo proper, located right on the shoreline of Portugal, enjoys temperate, warm weather most of the year, with temperatures climbing to warm heights in the summer months. The city is primarily famous for its resorts, tourism, and extensive golf greens.

The seasons lend themselves to sun bathing, relaxing on the beach, playing rounds of golf during the cooler parts of the day, and a number of different water activities. The Algarve region is very well known for its limestone caves and water caverns â" most of which are accessible by boat.

Climate of Vale Do Lobo

The overall climate â" throughout the seasons â" brings warm, sunny temperatures and warm waters all year long. The temperature never really drops below freezing, staying above 0C all year long. The end of the autumn season, through winter, and through the beginning of spring is all moderately wet. Precipitation is not extreme, though fairly common, averaging 7-10 days of rainfall per month. The summer season brings dry hot temperatures, and warm sea waters.

This area isnât normally prone to strange or serious weather phenomena or hazards. However, in July of 1949, a strange heat burst was reported in Portugal, not far from the Algarve region. The heat in the region, according to reports, drove the temperature up from 38C to an extreme 70C in just a few short minutes, to one of the highest temperatures ever recorded. After a few moments, the temperature settled back down. However, since then, no exceptional or extreme temperatures, heat bursts, or other strange weather phenomena have been reported.

Spring in Vale do Lobo â" as well as the surrounding regions â" is known for being warm, temperate, and Mediterranean in nature. While wetter in nature than the summer season â" which is known to be particularly arid â" you will still only see 7-8 days a month of any kind of precipitation.

The temperatures are moderate to warm, with average humidity averaging in the 70% to 75% range. Average temperatures are between 19C and 25C, with the beginning of the season having slightly cooler temperatures at night of the 16C range. Highs during the day can reach upwards of 25C in the beginning of the season, to the warmer 34C as summer nears. This season runs from March through June.

Summer in Vale do Lobo brings hot temperatures, dry weather, and lots of sunshine. You can expect temperatures to average between 22C and 25C throughout the entire summer season. Highs can reach upwards of 28C, with lows at night around the 17C range, cooling off slightly. The humidity is also fairly low, with an average of only 60% to 65%.

This season is also known as the dry season, bringing very little to no rainfall. There is plenty of sunshine, with daylight lasting 12 hours all summer long. This makes it the ideal vacation season of choice for many, with little to no worries about rain spoiling your outdoor plans or golf games. The season lasts from late May through mid-August.

Autumn in Vale do Lobo is fairly consistent with the summer season, with shorter days and cooler temperatures. You can still expect warm temperatures, with it rarely getting below 15C, even at night. The hours of sunlight per day steadily sharply decrease from summer, going from 12 hours a day to just 9 at the beginning of the season. As winter nears, the hours shorten from 9 down to 7 or so, giving significantly less daylight.

You can expect average temperatures between 12C and 20C. During the day, temperatures can reach highs of 22C or so, while at night you can experience cooler temperatures in the 10-11C range.

Winter in Vale De Lobo is cooler, while being a bit more wet. Though, while being cooler and having more precipitation, temperatures rarely fall below 0C. The average numbers of rainy days per month are between 8 and 10, so you can still anticipate plenty of sunshine. The temperatures average between 10C and 15C. You can expect highs in the 16C range, and lows in the 8C range.

The days are also significantly shorter, only having 5-6 hours of sunlight on average. With the short days, cooler temperatures, and more rainfall, this is the least attractive season for most visitors.

Vale De Lobo is a beautiful location, with its breathtaking landscapes, sprawling resorts, and mountain ranges. The Algarve region that itâs found in also has plenty to offer tourists. The summer season, by far, is the most attractive for the majority of visitors. With the long 12-hour days, warm temperatures, and low humidity, visitors are open to experience any number of the beaches, facilities, or golf resorts the area has to offer.

The area, however, does tend to cater to a more wealthy market â" with 1/3 of Portugalâs most wealthy found in the immediate area. The resorts, golf greens, and shops all tend to favour a richer market. However, if you are looking for something a bit more exotic, with high-class restaurants and meticulous golf greens and beaches, Vale do Lobo might be the perfect choice for your vacation destination.

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