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05 Feb
UK Time: 16:49 GMT
Local Time: 17:49 CET
-2°C (28°F)
4mph (7kmh)
  • Sunrise 07:32
  • Sunset 17:00
Temp feels like: -2°C (28°F)
Length of Day: 9h 29m
Pressure: 31" (1035 hpa)
Visiblity: 10 miles (16 km)
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Historic Temperatures for 5th February in Prague

Average High 2°C (36°F)
Record High 12°C (54°F) (2002)
Average Low -3°C (27°F)
Record Low -16°C (3°F) (2006)

What's The Weather Like In Prague?

Prague has a humid continental climate with mild summers and very cold winters. The city has four major seasons summer (June to August), autumn (September to November), winter (December to February) and spring (March to May).

Summer has the highest temperatures and least cloud coverage while autumn sees mild temperatures with the least rain. Winter is the coldest with the most snowfall and spring has mild temperatures and the lowest humidity.

Big Difference In Temperatures 

Despite the big difference in temperature between the four seasons, the amount of rain stays fairly constant throughout the year, with no discernible dry season not even in summer.

Does It Snow In Prague?

It never snows between June and September in Prague but snows frequently between November and March. 

When Is The Best Time of Visit Prague?

The most popular time to visit Prague is summer, when average daily high temperatures are around 20°C-24°C and the city enjoys an average of 10.5 hours of sunshine every day.

However, summer can be an expensive time as it is peak season. If you want to bag a bargain and enjoy the best weather you can, consider travelling around June or October when the city isn't as crowded.

Summer Weather In Prague

Is Prague Hot In Summer?

Summer has the warmest weather of the year for Prague when the average temperatures rise from 15°C at the start of June up to their peak at 19°C in the first fortnight of August.

Daily highs and lows follow the same pattern, starting off at 20°C/10°C respectively in the first week of June and rising up to 24°C/14°C in the first fortnight of August.

The highest temperature ever registered in Prague in the summer season is 37°C, which was registered in August. And the lowest temperature ever recorded in summer is 2°C, which was recorded in June and July.

How Much Does It Rain In Prague In Summer?

Prague experiences high rainfall in summer, with an average of 65mm falling over the course of 17 rainy days each month. On average, July is the wettest month of the summer season, when 68mm of precipitation falls over 18 days. 

Sunshine Hours In Summer

Summer also sees the most sunshine in Prague. The city enjoys an average of 10.5 hours of sunshine every day, peaking in July, with 11 hours of daily sunshine. 

The average humidity for the city during this season is 68%, which is relatively low, meaning that the sunshine and mild temperatures should always feel pleasant never overpowering.

Autumn weather in Prague

How Warm Is Prague In Autumn?

Temperatures begin to drop in Prague when summer merges into autumn. During this month, average temperatures drop from 15°C at the start of September to 1°C by the end of November.

Daily high and low temperatures change in the same way, falling from 19°C/10°C at the start of the season down to 3°C/-1°C by the end of the season.

The highest temperature ever registered in Prague in autumn is 31°C, which was registered in September and the lowest temperature ever recorded in the city in this season is -14°C, which was recorded in October.

Autumn Rain In Prague

Surprisingly, Prague experiences low rainfall in autumn, with an average of 33mm falling between 16 rainy days each month. September is usually the wettest when 39mm of precipitation falls over 15 days.

The most common types of precipitation you'll see in Prague in autumn is moderate rain and moderate snow at the end of the season and light rain at the beginning.

Sunshine Hours In Autumn

As autumn progresses, the daily sunshine hours gradually decrease, dropping down from eight hours in September to six hours in October and four hours in November.

The average humidity for the city in autumn is 81%, which is fairly high, meaning temperatures will often feel even colder than they are.

The weather can quickly change from one extreme to the other in autumn. It can be t-shirt weather under the midday sun one week then a few days later you can see the first snowflakes of winter. So make sure you come prepared for all types of weather.

Winter Weather in Prague

How Cold Is Prague In Winter?

Winter is the coldest season of the year in Prague when the average temperatures drop from 1°C at the start of December down to -1.5°C by mid-January.

Temperatures then begin to increase up to an average of 2°C by the end of February. Daily highs and lows change in the same way, falling from 4°C/-1°C at the beginning of December down to 1°C/-4°C by January before rising to 5°C/-1°C by the end of February.

The warmest temperature ever registered in winter in Prague is 19°C, which was registered in February, and the coldest temperature in the city is -23°C, which was recorded in December.

How Much Does It Rain In Prague In Winter?

Prague experiences hardly any rain in winter, with an average of 23mm falling across 14 days each month. This is because instead of being soaked in rain, the city is covered in snow, with snowfall affecting the city on an average of 11 days each month.

Sunshine Hours In WInter

As you'd expect, Prague sees very little sunshine during the winter season, with an average of three sunshine hours each day. The average humidity for the city at this time of year is 84%, which is relatively high, meaning at the temperatures will sometimes feel even colder , so make sure you pack wisely.

Spring Weather In Prague

How Warm Is Prague In Spring?

Just like in autumn, the weather changes fast in spring. No sooner has the winter snow melted than the city seems to be in full bloom. During this season, average temperatures start off at 2°C at the beginning of March and quickly rise up to 15°C by the end of May.

Daily highs and lows change in the same way, starting off at 5°C/-1°C at the start of the season and rising to 20°C/10°C by the end.

The warmest temperature ever registered in Prague in spring is 30°C, which was registered in May and the coldest temperature recorded in the city during this season is -15°C in March.

How Much Does It Rain In Prague In Spring?

The average precipitation for Prague quickly increases as the season develops, starting off at 28mm over 16 days in March, to 30mm over 16 days in April and peaking at 55mm over 17 days in May.

The most common forms of precipitation you can expect to see in Prague in spring are moderate rain and moderate snow at the start of the season and thunderstorms at the end.

Sunshine Hours In Spring

After a dark winter, the average daily sunshine hours for Prague in spring begin to increase, with an average of eight hours every day.

The average humidity for the city during this season is 70%, which is relatively low, meaning that the mild temperatures and sunshine will always feel pleasant never overwhelming.

Unusual Weather In Prague

In late May and early June 2013 in Prague, the Vltava River was affected by excessive rainfall. On June 3 floodwaters covered the esplanades along the river, making them flow at a rate of 3,200 m3/s, just slightly less than the almost 5,000 m3/s which was the result of devastating flooding in 2002.

Sections of all city metro lines were closed and 1,000 troops from the Czech Army were deployed to help in the building of flood defences, and firefighters evacuated around 7,000 people from flood-devastated areas.

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