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Scuba diving is a great way to discover what lies beneath the surface of the ocean. Equipped with breathing apparatus, you are able to dive to great depths for prolonged amounts of time in order to explore a vast array of marine life such as coral reefs, shipwrecks and underwater caves in depth.

Scuba diving can be done almost anywhere provided the water is not too rough and the visibility is good. There are however some areas that are meccas for fans of the sport.

The Maldives offers some of the most spectacular underwater sites in the world. Marine life to be seen includes sharks, turtles and vast schools of fish. Manta rays can also be seen during the summer months. The tiny islands that make up the Maldives are actually the tips of underwater volcanoes and therefore there are many interesting rock formations and coral reefs to be seen under water.

The Caribbean is also famed for its scuba diving as the water here tends to be clear, warm and shallow – ideal for the perfect dive! Head to Punta Cana, Bavaro and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic for very popular sites.

Egypt’s Red Sea provides a number of fascinating sites to dive to from your base at Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh. There are many coral reefs around the area of Dahab, and many people head here to dive the legendary ‘blue hole’ – which is a huge canyon of archways and overhangs accessed through a huge crack in the coral reef!

For very experienced divers, the shipwreck of the Yongala is considered one of the best dives in the world. This ship sank during a cyclone in 1911 off the coast of Townsville, north west Australia. Lying undiscovered until 1958, the wreck is now home to a large artificial reef featuring a diverse array of marine life such as clown fish, sharks, turtles and eels.

It isn’t all tropical destinations you have to visit in order to take part in some amazing dives.

Gozo Island, just off the coast of Malta is extremely popular with divers all over the world. Located right in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, there are several excellent dive sites to be explored. These include a beautiful coral reef as well as tunnels, archways and underwater caves. There are also many wreck sites such as the Blenheim Bomber, HMS Maoria and the Karwela.

Diving schools are numerous in coastal areas and will provide you with full training if you have never been scuba diving, before taking you on an easy dive for you to get used to the experience. Dive sites such as shipwrecks and underwater caves should only be attempted by the most experienced divers, and you should never attempt to dive for longer than your personal fitness level will allow.

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