Most of us wouldn’t even consider popping to the local shop without our trusty smartphone let alone venturing out of the country, especially as there’s so many great travel apps available to help us on our way. Ozel Rowland has selected five of the best, because as they say – there’s an app for that…

While there are an abundance of flight-booking apps out there in the archives of app marketplaces, this handy little concept is perfect for last-minute travel decisions and low-cost deals. It provides a comprehensive range of flight deals by pulling together fares from big travel sites and airlines so you don’t have to. Users can filter their results by airline, cabin class, price and departure time and can easily compare prices on the app’s tab view option. What’s more, you can pin your findings to your start screen to keep an eye on fluctuating prices. The app is free and is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

TripAdvisor is renowned for its unbiased and frank reviews and thankfully it also comes in app form for those on the go. Users can find reviews on just about any aspect of their holiday, whether it’s on where to stay, what to see, or to find out if that restaurant on the corner is any good. You need an account to use the app which can be done simply by signing in through Facebook and once a member you can contribute reviews, browse through forums and find nearby attractions. A new feature now means that you can even book hotels through the app. What more could you want? TripAdvisor is free and is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

XE Currency
Feeling confused by the constant change of currency rates? Not to worry. XE Currency offers users accurate live rates and charts for free. Its user-friendly interface means you can keep track of your spending and won’t get caught up trying to get a quick price on something. Travellers can follow up to 10 currencies on their feed which can be useful for frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts.  The app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

Onavo Extend
There’s nothing worse than returning home to massive data usages charge after travelling abroad. Truth be told, we are often unaware of how much data we use on a day-to-day basis and so this naturally translates during our time abroad when data roaming prices are sky-high. Luckily our saviour comes in the form of Onavo Extend, an incredibly useful tool that works by reducing the amount of data used up by our apps. It’s great for those on a limited data plan and is just generally a great way to save money and still carry out everyday tasks such as checking emails and browsing the web. It’s free and is available on iPhone and Android.

If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for your next place to stay while abroad then look no further. Get instant access to some 35,000 geo-tagged listings for hostels and budget hotels in a few simple taps. It’s safe and easy to use and with 3.5 million user reviews you can rest assured that your findings have been tried and tested by travellers just like you. The app is available for free on iPhone and Android. 


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