What would you be willing to do to for a free round-the-world trip or a heavily discounted holiday? Run through the streets naked? Not talk for an entire year? Sunshine.co.uk found out what strange lengths people around the UK would go to.

They polled 2,176 people aged 18 and over from around the UK and asked them a series of questions and what they would be prepared to do for a cheaper holiday or a complimentary round-the-world trip (and no, they weren’t just talking competition entries and bargain hunting).

65% of people would stand up for an entire flight for a cheaper holiday

Initially, respondents were presented with the fantasy scenario of being able to save a significant amount on their holiday (described as at least 50% off) if they adhered to certain, slightly unusual, requests.

Respondents were presented with a number of things they could do to save money, in this fictional scenario, and were asked which they’d be willing to do for the money off. The top five responses were:

1. Stand for the whole duration of the flight – 65%

2. Share the hotel room with total strangers – 42%

3. Sleep on a sun lounger (outdoors) each night – 33%

4. Work a shift in the hotel during the stay – 21%

5. Not drink alcohol for entire holiday – 13%

24% of people would give up a non-vital organ for a free round-the-world trip

When we raised the stakes and asked what they would be prepared to do for a free round-the-world trip, 27% of the people taking part said they would streak naked through a busy high street, 24% said they would give up one of their non-vital organs and 18% told us that they would quit their job. 12% said they would leave their partner.

When asked if they had ever been dishonest when on a holiday abroad in order to benefit in some way, 21% said that they had. We asked what they’d done, 42% claimed they lied about a special occasion to get special treatment, such as a birthday or anniversary. 13% had lied about being on honeymoon to get preferential treatment or upgrades. Haven’t we all? No? Just us then…and to be fair, considering the oft-dreary, wet weather we have to contend with for much of the year in the UK, it’s hardly surprising that many of us are prepared to resort to desperate measures for a bit of sunshine! Talking of which, the Canary IslandsMexico and Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt are all nice and warm right now.

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