As of 23rd May 2014…

The nationwide curfew (from 22:00 to 05:00) will remain in place until further notice and is expected to last the weekend.

Outside of the above curfew hours Bangkok and the rest of Thailand is open for business as usual. Locals and tourists are continuing about their day normally – running in the park, going to work, shopping etc. Most offices, businesses, public services are open today, however, they have reduced their opening hours to comply with the curfew. Shopping malls within Bangkok for example are open from 10:00 – 21:00. Most bars and restaurants will close their doors by 21:00 to allow customers to return to their accommodation by 22:00.

The public transport systems including the BTS Skytrain, the MRT Subway and the Airport Rail Link continue to operate in Bangkok but with a reduced operating schedule from 0600- 2100.

ALL airports are open and operating as normal. Despite the curfew air passengers are permitted to travel to and from the airport 24 hours a day. Please follow this advice:

  • Individual travellers are advised to keep their passports and other travel documents on their person at all times, in case they are required for inspection by the security authorities
  • Group travellers on tour coaches will be taken care of by their respective tour leaders when passing through any security checkpoints
  • Taxi services at the Suvarnabhumi Airport are available 24 hours and additional vehicles have been made available
  • Survarnabhumi Airport Call Center, dail 1722 locally for assistance/further information

The Thai Army are still in the process of shutting down the rally sites and escorting protesters away. So far this has been achieved peacefully. The situation in Bangkok and across Thailand reamains calm, there have been no reports of violence. The coup d’etat allows the Thai Army to take proactive steps to help the country move forward and resolve political uncertainty as quickly as possible. With the presence of soldiers and security across the country it is said that this will help maintain peace, law and order. The Chief of Army has “assured the safety of all foreigners in Thailand”.

During this time we advise tourists currently visiting Thailand to exercise caution and avoid areas where rally sites are situated. While travelling in Thailand we suggest monitoring local media and continuing to follow this blog and updates via Twitter also @fanclubthailand

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