When it comes to bad weather on holiday, no one wants their time abroad spoilt by bad weather and hurricanes are the extreme weather phenomenon that can have devastating effects. Planning ahead can make sure you avoid any such storms and enjoy nothing but fun in the sun during your break.

Mainly, resorts in the Caribbean are affected by direct-hit hurricanes and the affects of the hurricanes that pass close to the area’s many coastlines. June through to November is the prime time of the year for hurricane weather, with September and October experiencing the highest frequency of these storms.

Don’t let this put you off though; this is not to say that every year (or every island) will be affected by hurricanes. In fact, 2007 was the last time the area saw detrimental effects from hurricane-like weather, caused by Tropical Storm Barry, and 2005 saw the last direct hit from Hurricane Wilma, which caused billions of dollars worth of damage and prompted thousands to evacuate. Cuba bore the brunt of both of these storms. However since then, the area is more prepared for hurricanes than some Caribbean Islands, especially in the popular cities such as Havana and Santiago de Cuba, whose buildings are specifically designed to survive the storms.

Cuba may see its fair share of severe weather, but according to many sources, the Bahamas is the stormiest place to be in the Caribbean- maybe even the world- especially the island of Abaco. This still only means that the island encounters one severe hurricane every eight or nine years, though. In addition, the frequency of these storms has decreased over the last 60 years.

Jamaica and Hispaniola are two other Caribbean Islands which are located in the “hurricane belt” of the Atlantic Ocean. Recently, Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Ivan have both hit these islands extremely hard, causing months of rebuilding to take place. The beautiful island of St. Lucia also falls into this category. Although the tiny island only encounters an actual hurricane once every 20 years, it does incur dangerously high levels of rainfall and gale-force winds as a result of nearby hurricanes more frequently- about every three to four years.

On the mainland of Mexico, Cancun has frequently been affected as well.

Bermuda sits in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and has for many years been a popular destination for those looking for luxurious beach resorts with plenty of amenities and excellent service. Bermuda resorts have been progressive in their approach to cancellations due to hurricane-related weather. Other resorts around the world have adopted similar policies for dangerous inclement weather. Many “hurricane guarantees” ensure that guests do not face any cancellation fees within certain weather parameters. Of course, these guidelines vary from one hotel to another, but most are extremely generous.

Other parts of the world may occasionally experience hurricanes as well. Spain has a particularly varied climate, so, not surprisingly, the mainland has incurred the odd hurricane in the past. This is not the norm for Spain though, and should not put off any potential holiday makers.

Bangladesh experienced a deadly hurricane in the 1970s, and places in India’s northern cyclone basin have faced deadly consequences in the past as well. China has seen damaging hurricanes too, but none of these compare to the relative frequency of the Caribbean Islands.

As a general rule, it is a good idea to check the weather of your intended destination with increasing frequency as your holiday approaches.


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