When it comes to Christmas 2012, we’re not all dreaming of that white winter wonderland. Fancy some winter sun to welcome in the festive season this year? Here are some of our top tips for the best locations to spend your Christmas break.

The Dominican Republic; Barbados; Jamaica; a winter holiday spent in the Caribbean guarantees average temperatures in the mid 20s, hours of sun and very little chance of seeing any rain. For those who want their only concession to a White Christmas be white sandy beaches, the Caribbean is an ideal holiday destination. The down side is that a holiday here is bound to be pricier, unless you want to visit outside of the school holidays, which rules out Christmas day. But, with many resorts offering all inclusive package deals on their accommodation, you should still be able to plan a trip here without breaking the bank.

When it comes to enjoying sun, sea and sand over Christmas and bagging a deal, Thailand might well be your ideal vacation location. In Phuket, the average temperature for this month is 27°C and, as this is the dry season, you will be guaranteed nothing but sun and sea, which is perfect for anyone that wants to take advantage of the area’s stunning white beaches. Staying here on a budget is much easier too.

Of course, you don’t need to go so far to get a hot and sunny winter break. Egypt is a much closer alternative, which has the distinct advantage of being only a six hour flight away, but again guarantees nothing but hot and sunny weather. Whether you want to do a beach break at the Red Sea, or a more cultural experience in Cairo, for a bustling city break, you’ll be spending this Christmas working on your tan, with average temperatures at 22°C and 15°C respectively.

Even closer to home is the ever popular island of eternal sun- Tenerife. Though summer is the most popular time to travel here, when the 18-30 crowd arrives in force to take advantage of the renowned party atmosphere, December will see an average temperature of 16°C, which can reach highs of up to 19°C, with plenty of sun, making Tenerife an ideal alternative to a Christmas spent in Britain’s ‘bleak mid winter.’

As well as it’s stretches of sandy beaches and warm water, that will mean you can still enjoy water sports, even at this time of the year, Tenerife is renowned for its many golf courses, so fans of the sport can spend their winter break teeing off in the sun.

With plenty of budget accommodation offers and package deals to be had here, a holiday here will still leave you with plenty of cash to be spent on presents instead.


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