• Two thirds (60%) of Brits are ‘boomerang tourists’ who return to the same holiday spot time after time
  • Three in ten (29%) of these have been to the same resort more than three times and one in twenty (5%) have been back more than ten times
  • Two fifths (40%) eat in the same restaurant each time and 15% even sit in the same spot
  • Brits are most likely to return to Tenerife, Paris, Florida, Benidorm and Majorca
  • An increasing number of Brits are ‘boomeranging’ back to the same holiday destination year after year[1].

According to new research from LV= travel insurance, more people are now choosing to revisit the same holiday spot rather than try somewhere new. Almost two thirds (60%) of Brits have been to the same holiday destination more than once during the past five years and one in five (22%) are planning to revisit a resort they have previously holidayed at later this year.

British holidaymakers like to know what they are getting on holiday and once they find somewhere they like, they go back again and again. Of those who have been to the same holiday spot more than once, almost a third (29%) have been more than three times in the last five years and one in twenty (5%) have even been back more than 10 times.

Returning to the tried and tested, does not end with the location as many holidaymakers even do the same things each time. Two fifths of these boomerang holidaymakers (40%) say they eat in the same restaurant that they did on a previous trip, while others stay in the same resort (38%) and one in ten (9%) do the same activities. Almost two fifths (38%) go to the same beach, almost a third (29%) will go to the same bar or pub and 15% even say they sit in exactly the same spot as on a previous trip.

The most common types of holidays that Brits are likely to repeat are a relaxing beach breaks (48%), sightseeing trips (22%) and city breaks (18%). The most popular places to return to are Tenerife, Paris, Florida, Benidorm and Majorca. Good weather is a main reason for selecting the same location (38%), followed by reasonable prices (35%) and the location being family friendly (15%).

The consistency of these factors at certain destinations keeps Brits coming back for more. In total, two in five (40%) enjoy revisiting the same place because they know what to expect, while 20% say they do not feel the need to try somewhere new as they know they like this particular location. One in five (20%) claim they would feel happy returning to the same place every year.

Yet this familiarity can lure holidaymakers into a false sense of security. Around one in three Brits (30%) say that they don’t always get travel insurance if they’re going to a place they’ve been to before, which leaves them unprotected should they have an accident, fall ill, or are a victim of crime.

‘Travelling to somewhere you have been to before can make planning a holiday much simpler. It is easy to let your guard down because you already know the destination but things can sometimes go wrong when you’re on holiday. It’s important to make sure you have the right cover in place to protect you on your break so you can relax and just enjoy your holiday.’ Selwyn Fernandes, Managing Director of LV= travel insurance

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