Parts of Spain, Portugal and southern France are experiencing unusually high temperatures at the moment. On Tuesday, Seville recorded 38C.

The hottest conditions will be across the Andalucía region of southern Spain. Cooler conditions will gradually spread from the north, and temperatures are expected to return closer to average in all regions by today.

Meanwhile, southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and northern Italy are at risk of heavy rainfall over the coming days, with heavy snow possible today across the Alps. Up to 150mm of rain could fall within 48 hours, possibly leading to flash flooding and landslides in this mountainous region of Europe, as well as increasing the avalanche risk due to fresh snowfall.

Whilst neither of these two weather events in Europe will affect the UK, most of us experienced heavy rain on Thursday. The band of rain moved across southwest England during the early hours and edged slowly northeastwards through today, but became almost stationary across parts of Wales, central-southern and southeast England. However, northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland remained largely dry and fine.

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