The Met Office will once again be hosting the ‘Get Ready for Winter’ web pages on behalf of a range of Government Departments and voluntary organisations. The pages offer advice and links to a range of information to help individuals, families and communities prepare for every aspect of the winter season. By taking simple steps, such as signing up to The Met Office’s National Severe Weather Warning Service, members of the public can ensure they keep warm, healthy and safe this winter. The campaign will build on last year’s initiative, which saw thousands of people get the information they need to prepare for all weather conditions through the winter months.

Oliver Letwin, Minister for Government Policy, said: “Building on the success of the ‘Get Ready for Winter’ initiative in previous years, government departments and our partners in the voluntary sector will again be providing advice that will help individuals, families and communities prepare and stay safe this winter. From tips on preparing your property and vehicle for adverse conditions, to the latest weather forecasts and warnings, the initiative will once more provide a one-stop shop for all winter weather-related information”

Rob Varley, Met Office Chief Executive said: “As Britain’s National Weather Service we are committed to ensuring the public get the best information and guidance to help them stay safe this winter.

“These pages are designed to provide useful information that helps the UK public to be prepared and safe during the winter months, whatever the weather. We can’t change the weather but we can help everyone make the most of it through our accurate forecasts and advice from our partners around the country.”

Simon Lewis, Head of UK Emergency Planning & Response at the  British Red Cross said: “Last winter, many people were badly affected by strong winds and flooding. It is important that we provide communities with the best advice to help reduce vulnerability. To help prepare people, prior to the event, each voluntary sector organisation supporting this initiative has made simple to follow advice and guidance available on their websites.”

The Scottish Government’s  ‘Ready for Winter’ campaign also aims to raise awareness of the risks that winter can bring and how people and their communities can be more prepared during severe weather.

So how can you be more prepared for severe weather?

  • Prepare your property and vehicle ahead of winter, and take responsibility for your own safety.
  • Be aware of the latest weather forecasts and warnings from the Met Office.
  • Be prepared to alter your plans in times of severe weather.
  • Look after the elderly and more vulnerable in your community.

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