No doubt the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Indeed, once you’ve swallowed your last roast potato, forced down your final spoonful of Christmas pudding and knocked back the dregs of your mulled wine, you may start to feel a little uncomfortable about how much you’ve indulged. Don’t worry though – for every problem has a solution and our top five spas – all shrewdly placed in warm and desirable locations – hand-picked by Jack Pitts will quickly wipe away your guilt and have you back to your usual bubbly self

Woman doing yoga © Jean Henrique Wichinoski

Amansala – Riviera Maya

On the east coast of MexicoAmansala provides expert relaxation amid turquoise waters and mock Mayan architecture. Easily accessed by a two-hour drive from Cancun, the centre offers Yoga retreats – fitness tune-ups and much acclaimed six-day detox camps.  If you feel compelled to drag yourself away from the massage table, then Mayan ruins litter the surrounding landscapes and guides can easily be arranged, or, if you’re really serious about detoxing, you can rent a bike and ride between them.

With potential highs of 27C during the day, Riviera Maya is one of your best bets for a winter tan – indeed, make the most of the resort’s 7 hours of daily sunshine in January.

Lanzarote Retreats – Lanzarote

For a quick fix of vitamin D make the short trip to Lanzarote Retreats. Choose from an eco-friendly selection of self-catering yurts in various locations around the site, or upgrade to one of the white washed apartments for real luxury. This place is all about peace and quiet, unspoilt beaches and tranquil nights by the sea, but for those who like to get out and about it’s easy to visit the rest of the island from the retreat. Lanzarote is far enough south that its weather stays pretty good all year round, so expect highs of 20C and 8 hours of sunshine this month.

Bloom Retreats – Majorca

For holistic relaxation that torpedoes the heart of your stress, visit Bloom Retreats in DeiaMajorca. These women-only camps, run by the legendary PR guru and woman’s rights activist Lynne Franks, take place twice a month and focus on learning new things, usually from experts in a particular field. The Spring Detox session from February 15 – 19 will be run by Ursula Peer, a renowned nutritionist. Book early as places in this Mediterranean paradise fill up quickly. Expect 7 hours a day of winter sunshine with temperatures that can rise to 15C at this time of year.

In:spa retreats: Marrakesh

In:spa retreats in Marrakesh have been welcoming the over-indulged and over-wrought for a decade now. They have such faith in their programme that they boast: “After just seven days, we promise you will return home refreshed, energised, and looking and feeling amazing.” Supervised nutrition, an optional timetable of fitness and yoga and regular trips into the dewy, fresh air of the Atlas Mountains leave guests feeling refreshed and content. Best of all, you can enjoy up to 11 hours of sunshine each day and peak temperatures of 18C in January.

Freely Given Retreats – Devon

Inspired by the Buddhists of South East AsiaFreely Given Retreats in Devon aims to open up wellbeing retreats to all by not setting a price and asking people to pay what they can. The suggested donation is around £150 but is not compulsory. The retreats teach “insight meditation”, a type of mindfulness in three locations in and around Dartmoor National Park.


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