Getting to spend the holidays with loved ones is a tradition loved by the Britons. There are many fantastic attractions that characterise a holiday abroad such as the warm climates, culture, language, lifestyle and perhaps most importantly, the amazing landscapes. However, lately many Britons tend to prefer local holiday destinations rather than in other parts of Europe or even Africa. This trend has increased incredibly owing to the following factors.

The economic crisis and the resulting high costs: Many Briton holiday makers risk their wonderful holiday dreams becoming a financial nightmare especially with the soaring prices on international flights tickets, accommodation, entertainment, travel insurance, fluctuating currency rates as well as the risk of losing their savings on trips that may not deliver much. These costs are humongous and for these reasons, the Britons tend to forego an overseas holiday for a stress free and affordable holiday in Britain at home, normally in either local beach hotels or caravan parks.

Travel inconveniences: Holidays entail a lot of fun and entertainment which is better achieved without the hustles of planning for international flights that may be delayed or cancelled. The loss of luggage, being booked in a hotel that does not meet your expectations or the hustles of travelling with the whole family tend to wear down any holiday maker. Therefore the Britons prefer holiday destinations that are within the UK as they are assured of their safety and less travelling issues.

Better options within: Britons love to take their families along for their holiday and there are often better, more affordable holiday destinations for families in the UK than abroad. They can choose to take a caravan holiday, camping or even an outdoor adventure holiday. These options save on expenses while maximising the time spent with loved ones. Better still, holiday makers get to experience various landscapes and holiday activities that would otherwise be unknown to them, for a much cheaper cost.

Care to go for a holiday? Then the economic crisis or the travel inconvenience should not be a hindrance in getting that long deserved break. It is possible to savour the best of UK holiday destinations without having to break the bank. You can find affordable accommodation without having to break your budget at With your affordable accommodation, good food, flexible and cheaper travel, a variety of holiday activities and excursions are among the major reasons why Britons opt to spend their holidays at home rather than abroad.


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