With breathtaking scenery, mouth-watering cuisine, stunning architecture and beautiful beaches, it is no wonder France continuously draws in millions of tourists annually. While Paris is one of the country’s most popular destinations, the country as a whole has much more to offer.

Northwest France

Bordering the Atlantic and the English Channel, this area of France is easily accessible to visitors from the UK and Northern Europe. This region, which is made up of Brittany and Normandy, experiences fairly mild winters, warm summers and remains very humid all year round.

Brittany is a popular seaside destination, with pristine white sandy beaches, rocky coves and dramatic cliffs that entice visitors to explore. This region is perfect for a summer holiday or a romantic winter retreat. Visitors to neighbouring Normandy will delight in delicious seafood, delectable cheeses and the famed French cider.

Central France

The Pays de la Loire, Ile de France and Burgundy are situated in the heart of France. The Loire Valley experiences pleasant weather throughout the year. Spring and autumn are the arguably the best times to visit the area. Follow the Loire River as it flows through a lush landscape dotted with mediaeval fortresses and châteaux.

Visitors to Paris, in the Ile de France, will be spoilt for choice. From music festivals, museums, cathedrals, galleries, parks and gardens, this city has it all. The climate is characterised by cold, dry winters and warm summers. For those looking to stay in Paris, the city is best toured in the spring or autumn.

Burgundy is a region famous for gastronomy and superb wine, abbeys, mediaeval castles and rolling scenery that make for an idyllic touring holiday.

Eastern France

The three major towns and cities in the Alsace and Lorraine region France are Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Metz. Alsace charms with quaint homes, hillside castles and vineyards while Lorraine is home to abbeys, fortresses and monuments that pay homage to the fallen heroes of the two World Wars. The region enjoys low annual rainfall with snow in the winter. The countryside is full of colour in spring and summer making these the best times to visit and take in the sights.

Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées

This semi-mountainous region of France is home to the stunning Dordogne and the Pyrenees. Winters here can be cold, especially in the mountains, but the region experiences warm temperatures through autumn, early spring and summer. Visitors will delight in the sublime wines of Bordeaux or the historic Gascony. Winter sports enthusiasts, on the other hand, will find excellent skiing and snowboarding in the Pyrenees.

Rhône-Alpes region

This geographically diverse region features the majestic snow-capped Alps and the Rhône River. World-class resorts up in the mountains offer picturesque hiking trails in summer and autumn and excellent winter sports during winter. A charming hotel in the French Alps provides a good base from which to explore the region’s spectacular scenery, stretching from Lake Geneva and the vineyards of Beaujolais to the Roman ruins along the Rhône River.

Regardless of the season, city or the region being visited, France has more than enough to keep everyone entertained all year round.


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