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Weather Lisbon

Last updated:

21 Nov

Local Time: 16:30 WET UK Time: 16:30 GMT
East 7mph
  • Sunrise 07:25
  • Sunset 17:19
  • Moonrise 06:07
  • Moonset 16:53
Temp feels like: 64°F (18°C)
Length of Day: 9h 30m
Humidity: 77 %
Dew Point: 57°F (14°C)
Pressure: 29.86 " (1011 hpa)

Average for November: 57°F (14°C)

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Weather Overview for Lisbon

Lisbon is one of Europe’s mildest capital cities. Summer temperatures are warm and sometimes hot, while winters are mild and damp. Lisbon sees a lot of sunshine (over 3300 hrs per year) and about 100 days of rain a year.

The weather in Lisbon is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and most noticeably by the Gulf Stream, which ensures the lack of extreme temperatures that can occur in central Portugal and Spain.

Summer Weather:

Lisbon enjoys sunny and hot summers in general. Temperatures are very agreeable in summer – generally varying between the high teens and high 20s. It can, however, get much hotter and temperatures in the mid 30s are not uncommon especially when there is no cooling sea breeze. Rainfall is very low in summer, especially in July and August which average just 5mm of rain per month. June and September see a little more rain – about 20-25mm - but are still very dry. Summers are generally reliable in Lisbon. You are likely to get warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. The breezes of the Atlantic ensure that temperatures don’t often get uncomfortably hot, as can happen inland.


Winter Weather:

Winters are mild in Lisbon, mainly thanks to the surrounding temperate ocean waters and the Gulf Stream. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 10°C and highs and lows that vary between 7°C and 13°C. December is a degree warmer on average. Winter is the wet time in Lisbon. The dampest period lasts from November to February, and these months see up to 115mm of rain on average. Winter can often be misty and drizzly and windy, and can also be a time for storms that roll in off the Atlantic. Generally expect a fair amount of rainy days in winter, although a sunny winter’s day can be very pleasant indeed and see temperatures hitting the mid to high teens. Cold winter weather is rare in Lisbon, although the last two years have seen brief snow flurries in January. This is not common and snow is rare in Lisbon and doesn’t last long.

Spring Weather:

Spring is an agreeable time in Lisbon with average temperatures varying between the low and high teens. By late spring it is not uncommon to get temperatures in the 20s and sunny weather. Rainfall is moderate in spring. March sees about 70mm of rain in the month and still has a number of rainy days, but the weather quickly dries up throughout spring time and by May average rainfall is down to 38mm. By May you begin to see the start of the excellent summer weather.

Autumn Weather:

Autumn is another good time in Lisbon, with very pleasant temperatures. September still enjoys summer temperatures with sunny days in the high 20s frequent. By October it gets a little cooler but daily highs are still in the low 20s, while November sees the temperature vary between the low and high teens. Rainfall begins to build throughout the autumn. September sees just 25mm of rain on average, but October heralds the start of the cities rainy period with 80mm on average. November is one of the wettest months of the year with around 115mm of rain.

Like anywhere in the world, weather varies year on year in Lisbon and averages don’t tell the whole picture. Some summers can be much hotter than others, and some winters much wetter. The city doesn’t receive too much unusual weather but violent storms can occasionally roll in from the Atlantic Ocean meaning a few days of very windy and wet weather. Torrential downpours can occur and huge waves can batter the coastline.
















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