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The weather in Bodrum is now 21°C (70°F) and is sunny. The rest of this afternoon the temperature will rise to 21°C (70°F). This evening’s weather in Bodrum will be clear with temperatures falling to 15°C (59°F) and the sun will set at 7:27 pm. Tomorrow morning’s weather in Bodrum will be sunny with temperatures betweeen 13°C (55°F) and 17°C (63°F). Check the forecast page for further information.

Sunday 26 March 00:00 +03 | 21:00 UTC+3h
Sun26 Mar
Mon27 Mar
Tue28 Mar
Wed29 Mar
Thu30 Mar
Fri31 Mar
Sat1 Apr
UK TIME:10:50
Average for March:17 °C
Temp feels like:21 °C
Length of Day:12 hours
Pressure:1014 hPa

Wind Speed:15 MPH WNW
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Weather overview for Bodrum

Weather Overview

Bodrum is a port town located in the Muğla Province, between the resorts of Kusadasi and Marmaris. It sits on the Bodrum Peninsula which stretches out from the south west coast of Turkey and into the Aegean Sea.

Bodrum was once a sleepy fishing village but it has now become a popular holiday destination for those looking to soak up the sun in stunning surroundings. As well as having a vibrant nightlife and cultural scene, Bodrum has an enviable Mediterranean climate. Thanks to its location, opposite the Greek islands of Kos, the weather consists of long, hot summers, warm spring and autumn months and a short, mild winter. One of the best features of Bodrum’s climate, however, is the low humidity, which makes the high temperatures easy to enjoy.

Also as a result of its excellent costal location, Bodrum has many beautiful and unspoiled golden sandy beaches that stretch along the coastline – one of its main attractions. In fact, the region has retained its charm in general much more than other touristy towns of Turkey, which makes it a popular destination for discerning travellers looking for more than cheap accommodation and British pubs. Buildings remain low rise, and are white washed and dotted with flowering plants while the area is filled with ancient attractions, castles and ruins which are beautifully preserved. Inland, there are pine-clad hills that provide a picturesque backdrop.


Summer is peak season in the resort of Bodrum and tourists flock from all over the world to relax on the long, sandy beaches and make the most of the soaring temperatures. Temperatures often rise above 30 degrees Celsius at the height of summer, especially during the months of July and August when the weather is at its warmest. July sees an average temperature of 29°C and highs of 34°C.

There’s also an abundance of sunshine throughout the summer, peaking in the sunniest month of August which sees 13 hours of bright sunshine a day. The warm and sunny weather provides a great atmosphere for those who want to lie on the beach or by the pool. It’s also a great time to hire a jet ski, go scuba diving or have fun in the warm Mediterranean Sea which averages between 24°C and 25°C throughout the summer months.

Though summers in Bodrum become extremely hot at times, the area benefits from the cooling and prevailing winds from the Aegean from May to October. These crisp winds help to push the temperature down in the evenings to 20-23°C, allowing those visiting Bodrum to take in the town’s sights or enjoy some delicious Turkish cuisine at one of the many restaurants the resort has to offer.


The Turkish word for autumn explains the season best; Sonbahar means second spring and that’s exactly what you’ll find if you visit Bodrum at this time of year. Between October and November, you’ll be able to experience plenty of sunshine and clear skies, though a shower may occur at times.

Average temperatures at this time of year range from 21°C in October to 16°C in November and low temperatures hardly ever drop below 12°C. With highs of 25°C, the beginning of autumn is definitely warm enough for the everyday holidaymaker and there’s still plenty of sunshine, with 8-9 hours a day. During off peak tourist season, it’s much easier to find a spot on the beach and flights and accommodation are generally cheaper too. And for those who want to take a dip, the sea is more than warm enough for swimming in October and November, staying above 20°C.

The downside to visiting Bodrum in autumn is that the chance of rain increases quickly, from 10mm in September, to 79mm in November, which could put a dampener on your holiday. This does mean that the resort is much quieter than the summer months, though, so it could be a good option if you’re looking to avoid crowds.


In Bodrum, the winter months bring rain so visitors should be prepared for this. It is advised that you pack a raincoat and umbrella in your luggage if you’re planning on visiting Bodrum during this time. The wettest months are December and January, with 108mm and 73mm respectively, and it’s possible that heavy storms will occur.

From November to March, the weather is much milder with the average daily temperatures dropping to less than seen in the mild autumn months. The average daily temperature is 13°C in December, falling to 12°C in January and February. The resort’s position upon the Mediterranean Sea means that temperatures are moderated and conditions stay fairly cool throughout the season.

Though Bodrum is warmer than the UK throughout winter, it should not be considered a winter sun destination due to the likely chance of rain and drizzle. However, Bodrum still has some attractions that may be of interest to visitors if they don’t mind the chance of cold and wet weather. If you want to know more, take a look at the averages page to find out how the weather figures are calculated.


Spring is a very pleasant times to visit Bodrum. The Mediterranean climate means that average temperatures range from 13°C to 21°C between March and May. Towards the end of spring, temperatures can even reach highs of 26°C. These temperatures are more than warm enough for spending a day at the beaches of Bodrum where you can soak up the sunshine. There’s between 9 and 12 hours of sunshine every day throughout the month, which is plenty for getting a tan. However, with sea temperatures around 17°C for much of these months it might be too nippy to enjoy a quick swim.

April and May are also perfect months for walking and hiking through the green hills as temperatures and humidity are not too high. You can immerse yourself in the beautiful sights and the smells of a blooming spring.

Spring is one of the best times to visit Bodrum if you want to avoid the crowds and very hot temperatures of the summer season but still want to enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the region. Take a look at the weather forecast to help plan your trip.

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Historical temperatures for 26th March in Bodrum

Average High17°C
Record High18°C (2015)
Average Low9°C
Record Low5°C (2016)