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26 Sep
UK Time: 22:54 BST
Local Time: 22:54 WEST
22°C (72°F)
12mph (19kmh)
  • Sunrise 07:28
  • Sunset 19:28
Temp feels like: 25°C (77°F)
Length of Day: 12h 0m
Pressure: 30" (1017 hpa)
Visiblity: 6 miles (10 km)
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Historic Temperatures for 26th September in Lisbon

Average High 24°C (75°F)
Record High 31°C (88°F) (2004)
Average Low 16°C (61°F)
Record Low 13°C (55°F) (2012)

Weather In Lisbon

Lisbon has some of the mildest weather compared to any other European capital city. Despite being located on the Atlantic Ocean, the climate is similar to that of Mediterranean coastlines.

Mild Winters With Warm Summers

Summer temperatures are warm and sometimes hot, while winters are mild and damp. Lisbon sees a  great deal of sunshine (over 3300 hrs per year) and about 100 days of rain a year.

The Atlantic Ocean strongly influences the weather in Lisbon, mainly because of the nearby flow of the Gulf stream. These currents ensure that the coastal city of Lisbon does not experience the extreme temperatures that can occur in central Portugal and Spain.

What's Lisbon's Annual Rainfall?

On average about 600 mm, or 24 inches, of rain falls annually in Lisbon, the precipitation is spread out over 100 days of the year, so there are rare days without at least some sunshine.

Unusual Weather In Lisbon

The city doesn't receive too much unusual weather but violent storms can occasionally roll in from the Atlantic Ocean meaning a few days of very windy and wet weather. Torrential downpours can occur and huge waves can batter the coastline.

Summer Weather In Lisbon

Summers are generally reliable in Lisbon. You are likely to get warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. The breezes of the Atlantic ensure that temperatures don't often get uncomfortably hot like many parts of the rest of Portugal. 

How Hot Is Summer In Lisbon?

Temperatures are very agreeable generally varying between the high teens and high 20s. But it can get much hotter and temperatures in the mid-30s are not uncommon, especially when there is no sea breeze. July can also boast that it has the most hours of sunshine: 360.

For July and August there are at least 27 days where the temperature climbs above 30°C. The highest recorded temperature ever for those months reached over 41°C. Sea temperatures rise to 20°C by September and are only a degree or two less in June, July, and August.

Summer Humidity In Lisbon

Summers are very comfortable despite the warm weather. Morning and evening humidity remains fairly constant at about 80-38% in the mornings and 48-54% at night.

The dew point remains a comfortable 14°C throughout June, July and August. With breezes blowing in the evenings and mornings at 10mph, this further lessens the effect of any high temperatures.

Summer Rainfall In Lisbon

Rainfall is very low in summer. June has more than twice as much rain as July and August combined, but still only averages 17mm or less than an inch.

July is the driest month and August a close second. Each average 5mm of rain at most. September sees a little more rain about 20-25mm; still very dry compared to the rest of the year.

Autumn weather in Lisbon

How Warm Is Lisbon In Autumn?

Autumn is another excellent time to visit Lisbon, with very pleasant temperatures. September is really a continuation of summer and you still can enjoy highs of 22°C. Lows only drop on average 1 degree from August to 17°C.

But by October the change in seasons is more noticeable. The number of days with highs above 26°C falls from 18 days in September to four in October. October's high averages drop to 22°C, and the overall daily average drops to 17°C. By November nighttime lows are at 11°C.

Does It Rain In Autumn In Lisbon?

Rainfall builds through autumn. September sees just 33mm of rain on average, but by November this has crept up to over 128mm. The number of rainy days too in this time period goes from four days in September to 12 days in November.

Thunderstorms become more common as Autumn progresses into Winter. November and December are the wettest months.

Autumn Sunshine Hours In Lisbon

You will see a few more foggy days by the end of the season and of course the hours of daylight start to fall from almost 13 hours in September to just 10 in November.

Winter Weather in Lisbon

How Warm are Winters in Lisbon?

Winters are mild in Lisbon and the temperate climate ensures a pleasant holiday break from the dreariness of most European capitals during this season.

The average low drops to 8°C by January and then gradually climbs to an average low of over 10°C by March. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the last 30 years in Lisbon was 0.4°C.

The average daily high starts off in November at around 14°C, dropping to an average of 11°C in January but then back up to 14°C again by March. 

Does It Snow In Lisbon?

Snow falls on occasion but usually in the form of a light dusting of less than an inch, and it usually melts quickly.

How Much Rain Falls in Lisbon In Winter?

Winter is the wettest time in Lisbon. The dampest periods occur from November to February, and these months see up to 115mm of rain on average. Winter can often be misty, drizzly and windy, and can also be a time for storms that roll in off the Atlantic.

On average it will rain three days a month from November through February but by March the average drops to one day in the month. Expect thunderstorms once a month. The wind blows strongest in February and March. 

Spring weather in Lisbon

How Warm Is Spring In Lisbon?

Spring is an agreeable time in Lisbon with average temperatures by May creeping up to 17°C with highs of 21°C and above. Sea temperatures creep up about a degree a month too and by May reach 17°C.

How Wet Is Lisbon In Spring?

Rainfall is moderate in spring. In April you can expect to see about 12 days with some rain but by May this drops to nine. April rainfall averages 64mm and this drops to 55mm by May. 

Foggy Days In Lisbon

 About half the month you will experience some fog but it will not last all day. Haze that may obscure the normally brilliant sunny days happens 1-2 days at most. Blowing sand or dust occurs 2-4 days each month and wind speeds average around 18kmp.

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