Zanzibar Weather January Averages, Tanzania

    Zanzibar Weather for January 2023

    Zanzibar is one of those rare, and as of yet, unspoiled paradises that still exists today.

    Located on the east coast of the African continent, Zanzibar is officially part of Tanzania and is comprised of two main islands and many smaller islands. Because of its location in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar remains warm and tropical year-round and so doesn't experience a winter time, per-se.

    January in Zanzibar is just about the warmest month. Visitors can expect a daytime high temperature of around 29°C (84°F).

    It is very sunny and warm in January and visitors are advised to pack light, cool clothing.

    Nightly low temperatures in the range of about 25°C (77°F) can be expected this month.

    The average temperature of the sea around Zanzibar in January is 29°C (84°F).

    Average precipitation this month is around 89mm or 3½ inches and the relative humidity is roughly 64%.

    On average, visitors can expect a whopping 10 hours of sunshine per day in January.

    When visiting Zanzibar in January and really at any time of the year, one must remember that beyond the gorgeous white beaches lays a whole landscape to be explored. And since the weather is so amazing all year, visitors can take advantage of all of the sights no matter when they go.

    The first thing to see is Stone Town which is the oldest town on the main island. All of the other attractions radiate out from Stone Town so it is a great beginning place.

    One of the most notable traits of this centuries old city is the doors on its residential homes. Yes, the doors. Over the years, the wealthy residents here have participated in a sort of one-upmanship kind of game wherein they have to outdo one another by building grander and more ornate doors for their residences.

    Visitors will find that they can walk through the old streets in Stone Town for hours on end and see what truly is a modern marvel in the elaborate designs of the doors on some of these homes.

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