Zanzibar Weather August Averages, Tanzania

    Zanzibar Weather for August 2022

    Zanzibar is a collection of islands on the east coast of Africa just next to Tanzania. They are actually quite pristine and have only more recently risen in popularity as a viable tourist destination, and then only a few of the many beaches and coastal areas are frequented. There are still many areas that remain unexplored by tourists and it's possible to find serene and empty beaches with little or no effort.

    The average daily high temperature in August reaches around 26°C (79°F).

    Nightly temperatures average out at about 21°C (70°F). It's so temperate in Zanzibar, both night and day, that visitors only need to pack warm weather clothing. However, visitors are also advised to check local weather forecasts prior to arrival in Zanzibar.

    August is the driest month in Zanzibar with the average precipitation being recorded at approximately 47mm or just a little less than 2 inches. Visitors can look forward to roughly 9 hours a day of sunshine on clear days.

    The average temperature of the Indian Ocean on the shores of Zanzibar in August is 25°C (77°F).

    August is the coolest month in Zanzibar but it's far from being wintry. In fact, it's so warm both on the land and in the water that visitors may find it difficult to imagine a more perfect place to be.

    The beaches are certainly the biggest attraction in Zanzibar as many of them remain wholly unspoiled.

    The best beach in Zanzibar is probably Paje beach. Miles and miles of pure white sand beach and crystal clear blue waters await visitors. With plenty of small restaurants and bars up and down the full length of the beach to ensure that visitors want for nothing.

    From Paje, visitors will find expeditions out to the reefs and outlying smaller islands an easy trip in a rented dhow with a guide. Remember to pack lots of sunscreen and plenty of batteries for the camera!

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