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    Vienna Weather for September 2022

    What's the Weather Like in Vienna in September

    September is the last month of the year to enjoy comfortably warm temperatures in Vienna, temperatures that allow you to walk around in a T-shirt in the afternoon and sweater or light jacket at night. It marks the end of the summer season in the city and in Austria in general, a season that was very sunny and warm. September, although it is slightly cooler, has the big advantage that it is much quieter than the two peak summer months of July and August. There are fewer tourists, but the weather is definitely still good enough to spend your days outside, walking from, say, museum to museum.


    The average temperature in Vienna in September is 15°C, which is already four degrees fewer than it was in August, but still also five degrees more than it will be in October. In the afternoons, the mercury climbs to a still comfortable 19°C high, but at night, it drops to a chillier low temperature of 10°C. If you're visiting Vienna in September, make sure to bring a jacket. Both these high and low temperatures fall significantly in the course of the month, though. The first weeks of September are undoubtedly the best time of the month to visit. The average high temperature decreases from 23°C to 18°C, while the average low drops from 13°C to 10°C.

    These temperatures aren't the only things that drop in September; the length of the days does too. With 13.22 hours of daylight, September 1 is the longest day of the month. September 30, with 11.42 daylight hours left, is the shortest day. This implies that every September day is 3.3 minutes shorter than the day before.

    Sunshine Hours

    When you consider the drastic increase in cloud cover as wellt increases from 49% to 61% in the course of Septemberou know that it will be much less sunny this month, compared with the sun-soaked summer months. And indeed, September has 9 hours of sunshine per day on average, which is a two-hour decrease since the three previous months. Still, this is not bad for an autumn month and is still more than some places in northern Europe see at the peak of summer!


    Surprisingly, the increase in cloud cover doesn't bring with it more rainfall. Rather the contrary, the total amount of rainfall in September is lower than in August5mm compared with 58mm. There are also only 10 days with precipitation in September, which is by far the lowest number of any month. The chance that rainfall occurs ranges around 45% this month and is also the lowest of the entire year. There is one main type of rainfall: moderate rain. This is observed on 62% of the days with rainfall.


    Light rain and thunderstorms may occasionally occur as well, but are much less likely, respectively occurring on 18% and 14% of the rainy days. For a detailed weather forecast, please visit this weather forecast page.

    Hotels for Vienna in September

    Hotel Stefanie

    If you're going to spend some time in Vienna in September, you may as well take a look at one of the city's oldest hotels. Hotel Stefanie has been accommodating travellers for an incredible 400 years. This is an exclusive hotel that aims to intertwine traditional and contemporary aspects. It's housed in a historic building, but its facilities are as modern as they come. This four-star hotel is located close to the Old Town and has a restaurant serving typical Viennese dishes, conference rooms, a garden terrace, a café and a bar.

    Hotel Victoria Kaprun

    Another great four-star hotel is Hotel Victoria Kaprun. This recommended hotel consists of two separate buildings, in the main of which you will find the reception, restaurant, spa, karaoke bar and barhe common spaces, in other words. The large spa has an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, steam baths and a solarium.

    Levante Laudon

    The Levante Laudon offers serviced apartments just outside of the Old Town. Nearby attractions are, for instance, the Imperial Palace, the Town Hall and the Museum Quarter. All the apartments have a full kitchen, plates, pots, cutlery, free Wi-Fi and a TV. Additionally, you can also enjoy the common reading room, the garden, a limousine service and laundry facilities.

    Restaurants and Bars for Vienna in September

    TGI Fridays

    If you're in the mood for a hearty and filling meal, head to TGI Fridays, a popular American restaurant. This is an amazing place for casual food and drinks. Its menu is filled with drinks ranging from several Jack Daniels varieties to all kinds of cocktails, and with food ranging from hamburgers and steaks to large salads, seafood and chicken dishes.


    A completely different establishment is Villon, which is considered to be one of the very best wine cellars in the Old Town of Vienna. This wine bar is no fewer than 500 years old, and is both the oldest and the deepest wine cellar in Vienna's old city centre. It comprises four floors and consists of a wine cellar, wine bar, event room, a gift shop and a VIP wine club. If you're into wine, this is absolutely a place you will want to visit when vacationing in Vienna.

    Things to Do in Vienna in September

    September is the last month of summer in Vienna, the last month to really take advantage of the pleasant summer temperatures and soak up some sunshine in the city's many parks.

    Hofburg Palace

    One of the city's absolute highlights is the superb Hofburg Palace, also known as the Imperial Palace. For several centuries this majestic palace was the very heart of the mighty Habsburg Empiret lost its original function as the home of the Habsburg Family when the Austro-Hungarian Empire fell in 1918. Nowadays, this is where the President of Austria is seated. Hofburg Palace is set amid expansive gardens that are dotted with cafés, squares, restaurants and great buildings.

    Major attractions on the Hofburg Palace grounds include the Imperial Apartments, the National Library, the Museum of Natural History, the Treasury and the Imperial Silver Collection. The Sisi Museum is, unsurprisingly, also a hugely popular attraction. Hofburg Palace is one of those landmarks in Vienna that you simply must visit. Not only is it an important structure in Austria; it has also played a significant role of the history of Europe.

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