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    Vienna Weather for October 2022

    What's the Weather Like in Vienna in October

    Vienna is the capital of Austria and is located more or less in the middle of Europe. In the past it was not only the geographical heart of Europe, but also the political and cultural centre. The city, the former home of people such as the Habsburg family, Sigmund Freud, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig von Beethoven, has a wealth of history and is dotted with fabulous museums, elaborately decorated palaces and cozy cafés. October may not experience the best weather, but because of the presence of all those (indoor) attractions, the city can still be a fine place for a holiday in autumn.


    The average temperature in October is "only" 10°C, a significant five-degree drop since September, yet also still five degrees warmer than November. While the mercury may drop to a chilly average low of 6°C at night, the afternoons are still relatively pleasant with an average high of 14°C. Those average temperatures decrease rapidly throughout the month, though. So, if you want to enjoy the last warm weather of the year, you're advised to visit in the beginning of the month. The average high temperature falls from 18°C in the beginning of the month to 11°C at the end; the average low temperature decreases from 10°C to 4°C.

    Daylight Hours

    The day length also continues to drop, as it has done since the end of June. October 1 is the longest day of the month with 11.38 hours of daylight; October 31 is the shortest day with 9.59 daylight hours.

    Sunshine Hours

    Cloud cover, on the other hand, keeps on rising in October. In the course of the month, it increases from 62% to 78%. Shorter days and cloudier skies result in less sunshine. October days have 7 sunshine hours on average, a two-hour decrease since September.


    October is not an exceptional month in terms of rainfall. There is a total amount of precipitation of 41mm, spread out over 13 daysumbers that are about average, maybe even slightly below average. However, the chance that rainfall occurs does tend to increase in the course of October. October 1 is generally the driest day of the month with a 46% chance that it will rain; October 31 is the wettest day with a chance of rainfall of 54%. Rainfall almost always occurs as moderate rainhis specific type occurs on 64% of the days with precipitation. Light rain and drizzle are occasionally experienced as well, but are rare, occurring respectively on 17% and 8% of the rainy days.

    Hotels for Vienna in October


    CityRooms is a hotel in the art and student district of Vienna, just west of the Old Town. The 21 rooms are located on the mezzanine of a 1913 building and have all comforts you could possibly want during your October holiday in Vienna. Rooms standardly come with TVs, showers, safes, internet and telephones. The Old Town lies only 10 minutes away on foot.

    Hotel Nestroy

    One of the most luxurious, yet affordable hotels in Vienna is Hotel Nestroy. This is a four-star hotel with plenty of facilities and beautiful decorations and touches. It's a charming hotel, a great place to come back to after a day of sightseeing, home to an indoor garden and elegant bar covered by a glass roof. Other facilities include a fitness centre, a sauna, a business centre and conference rooms.

    Restaurants and Bars for Vienna in October


    Hungry vegetarians are encouraged to visit the trendy and modern Yamm! Restaurant, located on the Universitätsring. This lively and colourful restaurant offers everything from local food to extensive breakfasts to buffet-style dinners to take-away food. You can either sit down to enjoy your food or take it home with you. They also have a catering service, while the bar and lounge area is a popular meeting place in the inner city, where you can enjoy all kinds of beverages.

    Cuandro Cafe

    Somewhat resembling a US diner, the hip Cuandro Café is a modern restaurant and bar in the Schlossquadrat district. This trendy eating venue is popular among mostly young people and artists. This is where you can enjoy breakfast up to 4 o'clock in the afternoon, enjoy a cup of Arabica coffee and dishes ranging from hamburgers and Asian-style woks to healthy salads and other vegetarian food. The drinks menu consists of everything from coffees and teas to sodas to beers, cocktails, wines and spiritshey have everything you could possibly be looking for, in other words.

    Things to Do in Vienna in October

    Prater Amusement Park

    The autumnal October weather still allows you to spend most of your days outside, so make sure to pay a visit to the Prater amusement park, which incidentally is one of the world's oldest parks of this type. The entrance to the park is a giant Ferris wheel, one of the most visited attractions in Vienna. The ride itself is great fun, but it's the magnificent views of the city that make it truly spectacular. Other nearby attractions include Madame Tussauds, the Eisvogel Inn, as well as no fewer than 250 other rides, small and big.

    Albertina Graphic Arts Collection

    If you'd rather be inside, you can visit the Albertina Graphic Arts Collection. This is said to be among the world's greatest graphic arts collections, boasting no fewer than one million graphic designs, prints, photographs and other productions, and 60.000 drawings. Inside, you can admire works and sketches by the world's most famous artists, including people such as Michelangelo, Dürer, Rembrandt, Cezanne, Rubens, da Vinci and Manet.

    Vienna State Opera and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

    Another thing to do in Vienna that you really can only do in Vienna is go to an opera or classical music concert. The Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are both among the very best in the whole world.

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