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    Vienna Weather for July 2022

    What's the Weather Like in Vienna in July

    If you're looking to visit Vienna in July, you know what you're doing. The capital of Austria, this city is situated in the heart of central Europe, which means that winters tend to be quite cold and rather snowy, but that summers are beautifully sunny and comfortably warm. Summer is the absolute best time of year to visit this brilliant old city. For a detailed and up-to-date weather forecast, you can consult this page.


    July is the warmest month of the year in Vienna, together with August. The warmest period is the year generally falls between late-July and early-August. Both months enjoy an overall daily average temperature of 19°C. There's a significant difference in temperature between night and day, though, which by no means means that it gets cold this time of year. It merely means that the temperature tends to drop a bit after the sun has sethe average low temperature is 14°C. In the afternoon, the average high temperature reaches 24°C. Those two average low and high temperatures both increase by about one degree in the course of the month.

    Daylight Hours

    While June was the longest month of the year when it comes to day length, July is the second-longest. After having reached its annual maximum on June 21st, the length of the days now gradually decreases again. July 1st is the longest day of the month with 15.59 hours of daylight; July 31st is the shortest day with 15.01 daylight hours. This implies that each day in July is 1.9 minutes shorter than the previous day.

    Sunshine Hours

    After falling continuously for monthsince December, in facthe percentage of cloud cover reaches its annual minimum in July. July 26th is historically the clearest day of the entire year with only 44% of cloud cover. This, of course, makes July one of the sunniest months. There are 11 hours of sunshine per day on average, the same as in June and August.


    Although cloud cover is at its lowest, rainfall totals are at their second-highest of the year this month. This maybe counterintuitive, but can be explained by the heavier rain showers. 63mm of precipitation falls on Vienna this month, spread out over 13 days with rainfall. The chance that some type of precipitation occurs ranges between 51% and 56% throughout the month. There are two main types of precipitation. Moderate rain is the most common one, being recorded on 50% of the days with rainfall, while thunderstorms are observed on 35% of those days. Light rain may occur as well, but is much less likelyt occurs on only 14% of the days with rainfall.

    Hotels for Vienna in July

    Johan Strauss Hotel

    If you're planning on visiting Vienna in July, you better book your stays in advance. Many hotels sell out this time of year. One of the popular hotels near the city centre is the four-star Johan Strauss Hotel. Housed in a classic, historic building in the 4th District, this recommended hotel features Art Nouveau-style rooms and has a wonderful atmosphere. There's a breakfast buffet on offer, while facilities include a bar, a business centre, a parking garage and an internet corner.

    Prinz Eugen Hotel

    Situated in Vienna's embassy district and near the beautiful Belvedere Palace, the Prinz Eugen Hotel is a stylish and elegant hotel typical of Vienna. When staying there, you can fuel up in the morning at the extensive breakfast buffet before heading out for a wonderful day in one of Europe's most beautiful old cities. Amenities include a conference room, a nice lobby bar and a garden.

    Hotel Kavalier

    Hotel Kavalier is a four-star hotel in Vienna's 14th District in Wien-Penzing. It lies close to Schönbrunn, home to the renowned zoo. A tram station right in front of the hotel ensures that you will find your way to the city centre in no time. In the morning, you can enjoy a buffet breakfast in the restaurant; at night, you can relax with a drink or two in the bar.

    Restaurants and Bars for Vienna in July

    Vestibul Restaurant

    The Vestibül Restaurant is situated in the spectacular Vienna Burgtheater, which is on the great Ringstrasse. This marvellous theater building is a landmark in its own right, the presence of a wonderful restaurant like this only adding to its appeal. You can enjoy drinks and delicious food in the vestibule itself or at the outside dining area that overlooks the Ringstrasse. The restaurant focuses on traditional cuisine with a modern twist.

    Fish Restaurant Kornat

    If you're looking for fish and seafood, Fish Restaurant Kornat is a place that you should definitely consider going to. This classic restaurant features seafood in Croatian and Dalmatian style, its menu boasting amazing dishes such as lobster, shrimp, mussels, octopus, tuna and swordfish. Offering great food in a welcoming setting, Kornat's menu also features an extensive selection of wines.

    Things to Do in Vienna in July

    Vienna is at its busiest in July, one of the top tourist months. The comfortably warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine make this one of the very best months to visit this old imperial city.

    Danube Island

    Many old buildings, squares and palaces date back to Vienna's imperial heyday and the suggested thing to do this time of year is getting a proper city map and simply wandering, meandering and strolling your way from highlight to highlight. There are many green spaces, too, such as the Danube Island for example, where you can find some shade if it gets too hot in the afternoon.

    Belvedere Palaces

    In one of those green areas lie the two splendid palaces known as the Belvedere Palaces. They are located in a large park the city's 3rd District, not too far from the Old Town. Built for Prince Eugene de Savoy, both palaces now house museums exhibiting Austrian art. Inside, you can find works by renowned Austrian painters such as Schiele, Kokoschka and Klimtlimt's world-renowned painting "The Kiss" can be admired there. The Upper Belvedere Palace serves as the main art museum, while the Lower Belvedere Palace features apartment, rooms and sheer splendor in which the Viennese aristocracy used to live.

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