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    Vienna Weather for December 2021

    What's the Weather Like in Vienna in December

    December, although one of the absolutely coldest months, is a gorgeous time of year to visit Vienna. All throughout this holiday month, the city and other towns and cities in Austria are home to fantastic, cozy, heartwarming Christmas markets. Additionally, you can also escape the cold and snowy weather in the many world-class museums, operas, concert halls and palaces that dot this beauty of a city.


    It's been since January that it was this cold in Vienna. The average temperature doesn't rise above freezing anymore this month and finds itself at -1°C. If you're planning a holiday getaway to Vienna, gloves, hats, scarves and thick jackets will be essential. While in the afternoon, the average high temperature does climb to above freezing, 2°C, at night, the average low temperature is at a chilling -3°C. These average high and low temperatures fall in the course of the monthhe beginning is slightly warmer than the end. The average high drops from 5°C to 3°C; the average low from 0°C to -3°C.

    Daylight Hours

    December is the shortest month of the whole year in terms of day length. December 21 is the shortest day of the year with 8.20 daylight hours. December 1 has 8.39 hours of daylight, while December 31 has 8.26 hours. It's these long and dark evenings and nights that add to the magical atmosphere of the Christmas markets.

    Sunshine Hours

    Cloud cover is at its annual peak this month. It averages 88% and basically stays around that percentage all throughout the month. This, of course, greatly limits the amount of sunrays that can hit the city. December has only 4 hours of sunshine per day on average, which is the annual minimum. Both November and January have one hour of sunshine more.


    December has, ironically, the most days with precipitation of any month and, at 66%, the highest probability that precipitation will occur, yet one of lowest precipitation totals. This leads to the conclusion that precipitation is very light and spread outnow, in other words. And indeed, snow is recorded on no less than 45% of the days with precipitation. Moderate rain can occur as well, being observed on 37% of those days. Light rain is much less likely and happens on 10% of the days with precipitation.


    The chance of snowfall is lowest in the beginning of the month (23%) and increases toward the end (34%). For a full detailed weather forecast for Vienna, you are encouraged to consult this weather forecast page.

    Hotels for Vienna in December

    Hotel City Ventral

    Vienna is absolutely spectacular in December and a wonderful place to stay would be the four-star Hotel City Central. As its name implies, this hotel boasts a central locationt is in Leopoldstadt, the 2nd District, and within easy walking distance from the Old Town. If you're travelling with your own car, you can leave it at the hotel's rooftop parking. If you don't want to walk (if it rains, for example), you can reach the old city centre conveniently with public transportation. It really is a great hotel, catering to both businesspeople and tourists. Facilities include a gym, lobby bar and restaurant.

    Das Triest

    One of the most luxurious hotels in central Vienna is Das Triest. Opened in 1995, this five-star hotel features custom made decorations, an elaborate modern design and beautiful furnishings. The hotel's hip exterior contrasts starkly with the surrounding Art Nouveau buildings. This marvellous accommodation has 72 rooms and suites, free Wi-Fi, a business suite, conference rooms, a bar and award-winning restaurant, a salon and a courtyard garden.

    Hotel Beethoven

    Located near the open-air market Naschmarkt in central Vienna, Hotel Beethoven is a four-star hotel located within minutes from the Museum Quarter, the State Opera and Karlsplatz. Staying there, you can immediately immerse yourself in the typical Viennese atmosphere. If you're not out and about exploring this centuries-old city, you can enjoy private weekly concerts in the mezzanine, free Wi-Fi, free coffee and tea, and drinks in the bistro.

    Restaurants and Bars for Vienna in December


    The organic movement is getting a foothold all over the world and also in Viennahe city's home to many organic restaurants that focus on locally grown produce and preparing healthy dishes. Located on Bauernmarkt, Wrenkh is one such an organic restaurant. This restaurant uses seasonal ingredients to prepare its dishes, and is one of the better places in Vienna for healthy, nutritious and delicious food. Typical dishes that you can find on its menu include quinoa salads, soups, risottos and pastas. They also have an extensive wine list.


    There are also many restaurants serving international cuisine. Churrascaria is a Brazilian restaurant in the heart of Vienna. It serves traditional food from southern Brazil, including mouthwatering dishes such as exquisite steaks, meat skewers with no fewer than twelve types of meat, a wide variety of salads and typical Brazilian side dishes. If you're looking for a stomach-filling meal, this is the place to eat it!

    Things to Do in Vienna in December

    Vienna with its freezing cold nights and snowy weather in January is the ultimate winter holiday destination. The city attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world this time of year, most of whom come to visit the atmospheric Christmas markets.

    Christmas Markets

    These Christmas markets take place at the most beautiful squares in Vienna from mid-November to late-December. The smell of freshly baked cookies, glühwein and all kinds of traditional foods hangs in the air, while millions of flickering lights create a magical, almost fairy tale-like atmosphere. This is arguably the best time of year to visit this old European capital. Christmas markets take place all over the city, from the Rathausplatz to Karlsplatz to Riesenradplatz to Schönbrunn Palace. Some of those markets are centuries oldhe one on Freyung, for instance, has been taken place there since 1772.

    There is nothing as fun to do in December as strolling through a Christmas market, sampling local traditional foods, buying souvenirs and maybe even buying a Christmas present or two. Christmas music and even concerts can be heard and seen respectively all over the city, which only adds to the delightful charm of these happenings.

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