Venice Weather November Averages, Italy

    Venice Weather for November 2022

    What's the Weather Like in Venice in November

    November sees temperatures in Venice drop quite dramatically. Be prepared to bring your umbrella in case of moderate rain, especially near the end of the month.


    The average temperature only gets as high as 12°C (that's about 54°F), with minimum temperatures being around lows of 4°C (about 39°F).

    Sea Temperature

    The average sea temperature is only 16°C (about 61°F) - combined with the cool temperatures and the likelihood of rain it is not recommended that you go swimming.


    There are about 10 hours of average daily sunshine. The length of day decreases about 2.2 minutes daily. The longest day is November 1 with 10:08 hours of sunlight; the shortest day is November 30 with 9 hours of sunlight.

    The November skies above Venice range from 54% (partly cloudy) to 60% (partly cloudy), with a trend for it to be cloudier by 6% from beginning to end of the month.


    You can expect to experience rain on an average of 11 days in this month. The average monthly rain is around 87 mm and the probability that some form of precipitation will be observed in a given day is a consistent 36%.  This typically manifests as moderate rain, with periodical light rain. Humidity ranges from mildly humid (63%) to very humid (93%). The air is most humid around the first of the month, rising above 90%, and driest around Nov 22, when the humidity drops below 76%.


    Daily wind speed averages vary from no wind to 8 mph (gentle breeze), rarely exceeding 19 mph. Winds blow from the north or the northeast.

    High/Low Temperature

    November is characterised by rapidly dropping temperatures, at a rate of about 10°F from start to end. At the beginning of the month, averages are around 10°C (51°F), with highs of 14°C (58°F) and lows of 7°C (46°F). By mid-November, the averages are at 8°C (47°F), highs at 12°C (53°F) and lows of 5°C (42°F). By the end of the month, averages are 7°C (44°F), with highs of 9°C (49°F) and lows of 3°C (37°F).

    If you're looking for a weather forecast for Venice, you are advised to visit this page.

    Weather Hazards

    Between October and March, many of the streets of Venice are liable to flood. Duckboards are laid to move around affected areas of the city, and the water is sometimes deep enough for rowing boats to be used. However, if you wish to brave it, St. Mark's Square during one of these floods certainly make for a striking and memorable view of the city.

    Hotels for Venice in November

    Aqua Palace Venice

    Aqua Palace Venice (Calle della Malvasia 5492) is a four star hotel that balances traditional décor with modern comfort. All rooms and suites are spacious and can accommodate up to 4 guests, equipped with A/C, wifi, satellite TV and bathroom.

    Ruzzini Palace

    Ruzzini Palace (Castello 5866) is a 16th century palazzo, with 28 rooms and suites. Their highest category is the Royal Suite, measuring 90 sq metres, with living room that overlooks Campo Santo Mario Formosa and bedroom that overlooks the canal.

    Hotel Canal

    Hotel Canal (Santa Croce 553) is a romantic hotel located 15 minutes from Saint Mark's Square in the heart of Venice. With 17 bright, charming views, rooms can accommodate 1-4 guests. Each is equipped with private bathroom, hairdryer, satellite TV, minibar, safe and independent A/C.

    Hotel Ai Reali

    Hotel Ai Reali (Castello Campo della Fava 5527) is a great choice for that unique and romantic Venice hotel. The hotel offers a phenomenal spa offers body scrubs, massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and body treatments. There are rooms and suites available, ranging from 14 sqm to 35 sqm with separate living area and bedroom.

    Farmhouse Relais Ormesani

    Farmhouse Relais Ormesani (Via Zuccarello 42/G) is a farmhouse with special spa facilities located inland of Venice. Situated on 23 hectares of green farmland, the property is only 20 minutes away from historic Venice Island. Rooms are available as singles, twins or doubles, equipped with A/C, telephone, satellite TV, hair dryer, safe, minibar and wifi.

    There are also two suites-apartments located separately. Breakfast is prepared with the farm's produceilks from their cows, jams from their orchards and freshly baked cakes. There is also an indoor pool, spa tub, sauna and steam room.

    Aman Canal Grande Hotel

    Aman Canal Grande Hotel (San Polo 1364) is a luxurious 16th century palazzo on the Grand Canal. The hotel is awash in marble flooring, original frescoes, rococo ballroom and a trompe l'oeil grand staircase. The 24 rooms are available as palazzo bedrooms (with views of the garden), larger palazzo chambers and stanza rooms, and the five 'signature' rooms with views of the water.

    If you can splurge, book the Alcova Tiepolo suite, with its Chinese sitting room and ornate bedroom ceiling reliefs painted by 18th century Venetian artist Giovanni Tiepolo. At the restaurant menus alternate nightly between Thai and classic fare, served in a large dining room. Guests can arrive by boat at the porta d'acqua.

    AD Place Hotel

    AD Place Hotel (San Marco 2557A) is a boutique inn is not far from La Fenice opera house in the San Marco district. Each one of its 12 rooms is dressed in friendly, eclectic colours. There is also a roof terrace from where to hear the passing gondoliers croon out their songs. The large top-floor suite has a canopied bed for couples. Rooms come equipped with telephone, wifi, ipod station, satellite TV, minibar, safe, A/C and heating, and hairdryer.


    Another quirky bed and breakfast, but at a slightly more moderate price point, is Bloom (San Marco 3470). These rooms are furnished elegantly, in lush lavender and maroon fabrics with bare brick finishes. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom with shower or tub, LCD TV, A/C, safe, minibar and free wifi.

    Restaurants and Bars for Venice in November

    It's no surprise considering its location that Venetian dishes are dominated chiefly by seafood. Breakfasts are light, usually coffee fruits, bread and pastries. Lunches tend to be taken in bacari (wine bars), osteria (casual eatery) or trattoria (inexpensive restaurant), served tapas-style known as cicchetti. Dinnertime is earlier than what is typical for mainland Italy, starting at seven or eight o'clock. Venetians are great lovers of their small glasses of wine or aperitifs, and it's not uncommon to see locals down a little spritz or sparkling vino morning, afternoon or night.

    Osteria Stellato

    A local favourite is Osteria Stellato (Cannaregio 3272), on the north side of the city. If it's raining and you need a respite from the cold, duck into this cosy, family-run bacaro. Dishes like their sardines stuffed with breadcrumbs and cheese or tagliatelle with prawns and zucchini flowers are sure to be satisfying.

    Corte Sconta

    Corte Sconta (Castello 3886) is a low-key and unpretentious trattoria popular with tourists and locals alike. Their menu includes a starter of mixed cold mussels and sashimi, tuna tartare with juniper berries, and steamed clams with ginger.

    Al Ponte del Megio

    Al Ponte del Megio (Santa Croce 1666) is a fish restaurant located right on the canal in Santa Croce. It's another trattoria with a relaxed, pleasant vibe, located in a quiet neighborhood. The food is uncomplicated and fulfilled: spaghetti Bolognese, lasagna, tagliatelle with aubergine, sundried tomatoes and smoked richotta.

    Gam Gam Kosher Restaurant

    For those Kosher-prone visitors, the Gam Gam Kosher Restaurant (Cannaregio 1122) offers a variety of favourites like falafels, hummus, potato latkes, schnitzel, matza ball soup and kosher wines.

    Panificio Volpe

    Panificio Volpe (Cannaregio 1143) is a delicious Jewish bakery, with yummy matzo bread available all year round.

    Ai Quattro Rusteghi

    Ai Quattro Rusteghi (Cannaregio 2888) offers a combination of Venetian and Kosher wine, situated in the enchanting old Jewish ghetto. The menu includes bruschetta, sliced beef and rucola salad. It's located on a quiet residential street by the Campo del Gheto.

    Pizza Kebab Sydur Rahman

    Pizza Kebab Sydur Rahman (Dorsoduro 3490/B) offers delicious street kebabs. The kitchen has everything from fresh meat to veggies in mild and spicy sauces.

    The Ribot Restaurant

    The Ribot Restaurant (Santa Croce 160) is located on the Gaffaro canal, just 2 minutes from Piazzale Roma. Dishes include potato gnocchi, guinea fowl breast, sea bass with rock salt, calf liver, beef carpaccio and tagliatelle. 

    Things to Do in Venice in November

    November is one of the more rainy months to be in Venice, but if you have ventured out to the island for winter you will have the city relatively to yourself. Summer crowds have long left for the season, and you may find it considerably less stressful to visit the main sites of Saint Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace, and the belltower.

    San Giorgio Maggiore

    For a different view of Saint Mark's Square, the island of San Giorgio Maggiore has beautiful views of the Doge's Palace and Grand Canal. There is also a church designed in 1555 by Andrea Palladio. You can take the lift up to the top of the bell tower.

    Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli

    Stop by the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, one of the loveliest churches in Venice. It was built in the late 15th century by Pietro Lombardo to house an icon of the Virgin Mary. This is one of the best examples of Venetian Renaissance architecture, with coloured marbles, false colonnades and barrel vaults.

    Casino Venier

    Stop by the Casino Venier (San Marco 4939), a herald from the days casinos were widespread across Venice. This particular building dates back to 1750, and its antique furnishings are still all intactarble floor, opulent stucco, frescoes and Murano mirrors. Today the building houses the Alliance Francaise.

    Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

    The grandiose baroque church Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta (Salizada de la Spechiera 4885) was commissioned in 1715 in the Jesuit Order. The church has a collection of paintings and trompe l'oeil, as well as 20 paintings by Jacopo Palma il Giovane.

    The Salute

    The Salute is one of the more popular churches, built in 1681 to mark the survival of Serenissima from a deadly outbreak of the plague. A pontoon bridge is strung in front of the church during the Festa della Salute for worshippers to cross over to celebrate.

    Ospedale Civile

    Venice's Ospedale Civile is a hospital housed in the 15th century Scuola Grande di San Marco. Not normally what you would think as a tourist destination, it's actually fairly interesting, especially to those lovers of history and science. Take an hour aside from your day to wander across the marble floor, ancient cloisters and gardens. The property houses a vast medical library, historical medical instruments and illustrations and excellent reproductions of works by Bellini, Donato and Tintoretto.

    St. Martin's Day

    St. Martin's Day on the 11th November sees a lively fair being held in the streets of Venice. Traditionally, kids hit pots and pans to celebrate. The church was founded in the eighth century (likely) by refugees from the city of Ravenna. In ancient times it was customary on St. Martin's Day to eat and drink seasonal products, such as chestnuts and wine. 

    Now it has became a party related to children who like the English-speaking peers on Halloween, went around looking for treats. In addition, bakers display delicious 'San Martini' biscuits and cakes made of short crust pastry, covered in icing, chocolate and sweets. These goodies represent the Saint on horseback as he prepares to cut the coat to be offered to the poor man.

    Festa della Madonna della Salute

    The Festa della Madonna della Salute has been taking place in Venice since 1631. This procession through the city was originally started to celebrate the end of the great plague. In 1630, over 50 years after the terrible plague of 1575-77, the disease gripped Venice once more. Doge Nicolò Contarini made a public vow to erect a church called the Salute, asking for the Virgin Mary's divine intercession to rid the city of the plague. Even today, on November 21, thousands of people cross the votive bridge and reach the majestic Salute Church to give thanks and ask the Virgin Mary to keep them in good health.

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