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    Tunis Weather for October 2021

    What's the weather like in Tunis in October

    October sees temperatures begin to cool in Tunis, although it does remain very warm. This means you can still spend a lot of time on one of Tunis' many beautiful beaches.


    Days in Tunis are still warm in October by northern European standards. The average temperature during the day lingers around 21 degrees Celsius. This average is compiled based on a potential low of 16 degrees Celsius and a high of up to 26 degrees. To be best prepared for your holiday, it is advised to pack layers to anticipate this swing in temperatures.

    Average Sunshine Hours

    However, there will still be around nine hours of sunshine on any given day.


    The rainfall starts to grow to winter levels in October with 60 millimetres of precipitation throughout the month.

    Tunis Hotels in October

    Charming is the word that comes to many guests minds when they think of the Hotel de Russie. This large hotel is budget-friendly and has a wide variety of rooms to choose from. It is conveniently located within the city with only a few minutes' walk from the medina, which means you won't have as much foot traffic and street noise here. The rooms have been recently renovated so they have many modern amenities that you would expect.

    Located right on the shores of the Mediterranean, Club Lookea Beach Azur is ideal for beachgoers.  The city of Tunis does not have many beaches within its city limits but there are many if travellers are willing to put in transportation time. This hotel is one of those worthwhile places as guests only have to walk outside to enjoy sandy white beaches and large pools.

    Perfect for carefree tourists, the Hotel Solymar will give you a taste of living in Tunisia without an expensive price tag. Located roughly halfway between the resort areas of Tunis and Hammamet, this hotel is great for exploring the region and getting the best of both areas. The accommodations are basic but comfortable. You will save money on this hotel but that money would need to go towards transportation costs.

    Also considered one of the leading budget hotels in the city, Hotel Tej is popular with younger travellers or anyone who wants to save money. There are 36 rooms spread across six floors so it feels more like an apartment building than a hotel. There is air conditioning and satellite TV in each room for those who do want downtime in the room between excursions.

    Bars and Restaurants

    La Bottega has a menu rife with Italian classics made with locally caught seafood. Considered some of the finest Italian food in the area, the restaurant has a higher than average price tag because of its reputation and high standards. With a menu full of items like pizza, pastas and seafood, it will be hard to narrow down what you'd like to eat. Of course, you can always make multiple reservations here to really explore what La Bottega is all about.

    Located in a seaside suburb of Tunis, Le Café Vert in La Goulette will be hard to beat in terms of fresh seafood. This cosy eatery is highly recommended by people of all backgrounds. The trick will be finding this restaurant! It is off of the beaten path but it is well worth the trek. Le Café Vert will let you select what fish you would like from their daily catch.

    Things to do in Tunis in October

    Rated as one of the top attractions in Tunis, the Ancient Roman Baths are busy any time of year. Located a short trek outside of the city, these ruins are massive. Well-preserved and sprawling, the Ancient Roman baths sit on top of a hill that overlooks the rolling Tunisian countryside and Mediterranean Sea. There are countless small tourist companies in the area that offer tours to these ruins. However, few of them have websites so asking your hotel would be best.

    For a glimpse into a different aspect of Tunisian history, a trip to Espace Diwan is like stepping into a museum and an artist workshop in one. This small shop sells books of all kinds, postcards and artistic pieces from local artists. In addition to the shop, there are historical pieces hanging on the walls that render this shop similar to a museum. The owners and staff will be able to refer you to many similar workshops and galleries in the area upon request.

    Located around an hour's drive away from Tunis, the Royal Azur Thalasso Golf and hotel has a popular spa that attracts tourists from other cities. Located in the city of Hammamet, this spa uses traditional and contemporary methods to help guests relax. A stop in for a massage or facial may be the perfect counterpoint to exploring the Tunisian coastline and deserts.

    Dates for the diary

    Occurring immediately after Ramadan is the Islamic holiday Eid al-Fitr. Eid al-Fitr, like Ramadan, is observed according to the lunar calendar so it is not on the same dates each year. October is a general estimate of when it could fall as Ramadan is typically going on in the month of September. During Eid-al-Fitr is the official end of Ramadan and the beginning of breaking fasts. This religious is filled with joyous feasts with family, giving gifts to children and engaging in prayer.

    The Carthage Film Festival is held during October every year in Tunisia. This incredibly popular film festival takes pride in its heritage and blends that with modern film culture. All across Tunis, theatres show independent and arts films that may be hard to watch outside of this region. Like Cannes, the films are rated and given awards based on judges' votes. You may even see a celebrity here!

    Carthage Musical October is also held during this month. This two week-long festival celebrates classical music and its artists. Performers  from all around the region and the world gather in the area to perform classical music in an ancient amphitheatre for everyone to enjoy. Ask your hotel staff about ticket prices because this festival is not one to miss.

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