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    Tunis Weather for January 2022

    Tunis in Tunisia is a holiday destination that is fast growing in popularity and it's easy to see why. Benefitting from a prime location, wonderful weather and plenty of stunning sites and sights, as well as amazing attractions and activities to enjoy, Tunis has a lot to offer.

    What's the weather like in Tunis in January

    Tunis has an ideal location in Tunisia sitting on the Northern coast of Africa on the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its position on the sea, the region will enjoy dry, hot summers and its winters are mild. January is one of the coldest months of the year in Tunis but it will still be warm compared to Northern Europe. Winter is the only time of year that Tunis sees any substantive rainfall but it is a relatively modest amount.


    January is the height of winter in Tunis but it doesn't mean you won't have a relatively warm holiday. The average temperature hovers around 12 degrees Celsius. This average incorporates a low of 7 degrees and a high of 16 degrees.


    When packing for your trip, try to bring layers to account for this range in temperatures as well as the rainfall. Tunis sees around 80 millimetres of rain throughout the month so you can anticipate precipitation for around half of the month of January.

    Average Sunshine Hours

    However, the region sees an average of seven hours of sunshine each day. Click here for the 7-day forecast or here for the 14-day forecast.

    Tunis Hotels in January

    Hotel Tiba is a luxury hotel conveniently located in downtown Tunis. Each of the 47 rooms has air conditioning, free high-speed internet and a hair dryer. There is free parking available to every guest but it is limited. The hotel is only around a 15 minute drive away from the airport.

    Ranked as one of the best budget hotels in Tunis by Trip Advisor, the Grand Hotel de France is affordable and comfortable. There are only twelve rooms in this hotel so the rooms fill up quickly and the hotel is relatively peaceful. There is a breakfast provided to each guest in the morning.

    Carthage Thalasso is a top end hotel in La Marsa. This hotel is slightly smaller and more intimate with all of the fun and luxurious amenities that the others have. There is a large series of pools both inside and out with water slides. With a significant number of rooms, there will be many other tourists here when you are so the hotel can be loud depending on the time of day.

    Lavish and comfortable, the Tunisia Palace Golden Yasmin is one of the most popular top end hotels in the city. There is a business centre, fitness centre, restaurant and free parking available to each guest. Some rooms in this hotel as lavish and opulent and others are comfortable without as elaborate decorations.

    Bars and Restaurants

    El Walima is a traditional Tunisian restaurant. This eatery is owned and run by a local woman whose family history dates back to the Ottoman Empire and is well-connected. The interior of El Walima is cosy and feels like the interior of a local home. The restaurant has an attentive staff and generous portions so it is a must while in Tunis.

    Another popular restaurant for Tunisian cuisine is Dar Belhadj. Located in the heart of Tunis, this restaurant is in a former palace. The interior is decorated with local antiques and hand-painted tiles from the original palace. It can be difficult to find this restaurant as it is in downtown Tunis so it may be best to ask someone at your hotel on the best way to get there.

    Things to do in Tunis in January

    The Mosque of Sidi Mehres is one of the most significant attractions in Tunis and one of the biggest features of its skyline. This striking, historic mosque is still active so people will be streaming in and out of this building during the day. Many mosques do not allow non-Muslims to enter their premises. This mosque is no different so unless you are a Muslim, you will only be able view this beautiful building from the outside.

    The Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul is an unexpected and unique attraction in Tunis. This Catholic Church was built by French colonists in the 19th century. This cathedral is a fine example of Gothic Nouveau architecture on the inside and out. It can be tricky to get to so don't hesitate to ask your hotel staff on the best way to get to it.

    A short drive away from Tunis is the seaside city of La Marsa. Popular with local Tunisians, the population of this city often swells during the summer as locals go on vacation themselves. The beach within the city, eponymously named La Marsa, is extremely popular and boasts clean and soft golden sand and bright blue waters.

    Mehari Voyages is a popular travel company in Tunisia. This company offers a wide range of excursions including ones that last one-day or up to two-days. Each tour starts with a 4x4 trek into the desert, across a salt lake on the way to a desert village and a mountainous canyon.

    Dates for the diary

    Several important holidays are celebrated in Tunisia in January including Revolution & Youth Day and Mawlid. On January 14th, Tunisia remembers its recent history with Revolution & Youth Day. This national holiday celebrates the culmination of the Tunisian Revolution, which started in 2010 and ended on this day in 2011 with a change in government. As the Tunisian government gets its bearings and matures, this is not a jubilant celebration but a remembrance of what the Tunisian people accomplished.

    Mawlid, or the birthday of Prophet Mohammad, is also recognised in January. This holiday has been practiced for centuries but it is still not accepted by some, particularly scholars in Saudi Arabia. However, Tunisians celebrate Mawlid by extended time praying as well as extra time spent with family. What this means for you? Local businesses may have shortened hours so Mawlid would be a day to plan relaxation around your hotel.

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