Thassos Weather May Averages, Greece

    Thassos Weather for May 2020

    Thassos is a Greek island in the northernmost part of the Aegean Sea.

    It is filled with nice beaches, beautiful scenic views, and plenty of good food that can be had at any of the fine restaurants that grace the city.

    May is the true beginning of summer in Thassos.

    In May, visitors can expect an average temperature high of 21°C (70°F) during the daytime.

    A nightly low of 13°C (55°F) is to be expected in May. This is significantly warmer than the few months previous but is still cool enough to require warm clothing for evening outdoor adventures; cardigans for the ladies and wind breakers for the gentlemen when out having dinner or at a bar having drinks. 

    Average precipitation is 49 mm or about 2 inches and the sun shines for about 12 hours each day.

    Average relative humidity in May is about 67%.

    One of the beautiful things about Thassos in May is that the sun is out but visitors won't experience discomfort from the heat as the temperatures are just right and not too hot yet.

    It's quite possible to thoroughly enjoy time at the beach, however one must remember to use sunscreen as sunburns can be common if care is not taken to avoid them.

    The average water temperature in May is right around 18°C (64F°), only slightly cooler that the air temperature which makes for excellent swimming.

    As with the previous few months, mountain climbing, hiking and exploring the natural beauty of Thassos, are also best enjoyed this month.

    Beach goers will find that the popular beaches are starting to fill up as summer begins.

    Water based activities are just starting to gear up again and visitors can experience diving, snorkelling, water skiing, and many other fun activities.

    One of the most commemorated festivals in Thassos is the Orthodox Easter (Paska) which is usually celebrated May but sometimes in late April.

    For a 14 day forecast of Thassos' weather, click here.

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