Thassos Weather June Averages, Greece

    Thassos Weather for June 2020

    Thassos is the 12th largest Island by land area in Greece. It is surrounded by the Aegean Sea and has the ideal climate, especially during the balmy summer season which begins in earnest in June.

    When in Thassos in the month of June, visitors can look forward to an average daytime high temperature of 26°C (80°F).

    The low temperature at night will be around 17°C (63°F). This is the perfect time of the year to explore the nightlife in Thassos.

    Visitors will find that the temperature at night is cool enough to be comfortable yet not so cool as to require heavier than normal clothing.

    The average humidity is around 64% which is a bit lower than the winter months.

    The average precipitation to be expected in June is 39 mm or about an inch and a half.

    Summers are relatively dry in Thassos while winters are quite wet.

    There are on average 13 hours of sunlight in June in Thassos which means that there is plenty of time to enjoy the many wonders of the island.

    One thing that surprises and invites visitors to return to Thassos during June, is that though the sun may be out, it's not scorching hot here so it's very easy to just relax and enjoy it.

    That's why many visitors swim, hike, rock climb or stroll around the island in June.

    Too much exposure to the sun is not advisable as it may cause fatigue. 

    Perhaps that's why there are so many nice little restaurants and sidewalk bistros around for visitors to grab a snack or a cocktail and to take a rest, away from the sun from time to time.

    The Thassian-Doukas Tavern is one such spot that has gotten tons of good feedback. It offers nice local food, great house wine, and a very, very accommodating staff. Be sure to check them out and as many of the other small local establishments as you have time for.

    For a 14 day forecast of Thassos' weather, click here.

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