Thassos Weather January Averages, Greece

    Thassos Weather for January 2020

    Thassos is an island that is one of Greece's best kept secrets. It has a lot to offer at any time of the year.

    Out of the 78 most inhabited islands in country it is the 12th largest by area and it is located in the northernmost part of the Aegean Sea.

    In January, visitors can expect an average high temperature of 8°C (46°F) during the daytime, with an average low of 1°C (34°F) in the evenings.

    It can be very cold and wet in Thassos in January, so visitors should make sure to bring adequate clothing to stay dry and warm.

    The average precipitation recorded in Thassos in January is 72 mm (about 3 inches) spread across 7 days of the month with snow falling on at least half of those days.

    Visitors should make sure to be updated on the current local weather conditions prior to arrival in Thassos.

    It is winter in January, however the humidity is relatively high at 75% on average. Perhaps layering of clothes is advised so you can adjust with the weather easily.

    One of the best things to do during this month is to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings while it's quiet and before the invasion of the summer tourists!

    Visitors can get busy in Thassos Town by sitting inside a restaurant having good food or sipping coffee with brandy to keep warm.

    Having fresh grilled sea food such as octopus is standard for the cooler weather. This is the time of the year that coffee shops and restaurants are full up with locals so it's a great time to get to know some native Greeks.

    Visitors may also want to try sailing the coasts of Thassos as they are rich in scenic views, as well as great fresh seafood. Also, visitors can hike or mountain climb, though plants may not be as vibrant as in the summer months.

    For a 14 day forecast of Thassos' weather, click here.

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