Thassos Weather December Averages, Greece

    Thassos Weather for December 2019

    Thassos is a Greek island located in the northernmost part of the Aegean Sea.

    It has distinctly Mediterranean weather including hot summers and mild but cool winters and is home to close to 14,000 inhabitants of all nationalities.

    December is the coldest month of the year in Thassos.

    In December, Thassos has average temperature highs of 9°C (48°F). Extended daytime activities will require warm, insulated clothing.

    A night time low of around 2°C (36°F) is average for December. Wearing warm clothing in the evening is an absolute necessity at this time of the year.

    The average precipitation is 91mm or 3½ inches and the relative humidity is around 76%.

    Visitors can expect an average of 6 hours of sunshine per day in December.

    The temperature of the sea in the winter time is around 15°C (59°F) which, combined with the average air temperature during the day, is slightly too cool for enjoyment.

    However, taking a dip in a heated pool or jacuzzi is quite nice and refreshing at this time of the year.

    One thing that first time visitors to Thassos in December quickly discover is that many if not all of the beach resorts are already closed for the season.

    Despite the cool weather, it can be rather nice to be able to explore the island in relative peace, without so many other people crowding the restaurants, pubs, and attractions.

    Around the middle of the month, after the last of the olives have been picked and pressed, the locals start to relax and unwind from the summer season.

    For a 14 day forecast of Thassos' weather, click here.

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