flag Sunny Beach, Average Weather November

  • Day Temperature
  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Night Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    56 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    7 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    3 hours

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November daily averages

Sunny Beach

November daily averages for Sunny Beach

  • 1st
    10 50
  • 2nd
    10 50
  • 3rd
    11 52
  • 4th
    12 54
  • 5th
    12 54
  • 6th
    13 55
  • 7th
    11 52
  • 8th
    11 52
  • 9th
    12 54
  • 10th
    11 52
  • 11th
    13 55
  • 12th
    12 54
  • 13th
    12 54
  • 14th
    10 50
  • 15th
    9 48
  • 16th
    9 48
  • 17th
    9 48
  • 18th
    9 48
  • 19th
    10 50
  • 20th
    10 50
  • 21st
    10 50
  • 22nd
    11 52
  • 23rd
    9 48
  • 24th
    9 48
  • 25th
    8 46
  • 26th
    7 45
  • 27th
    6 43
  • 28th
    6 43
  • 29th
    6 43
  • 30th
    6 43

What's the Weather Like in Sunny Beach in November

Winter arrives in November and tourism officially heads off for a break until the following summer. Despite the lack of traditional holiday activities, November means peace and quiet, tranquillity, and is a serene time to visit Sunny Beach and explore it to the max.


Despite this, you will be needing a few more clothes than you would have needed in the previous months, with an average temperature of around 10°C, reaching a high of 13°C, and a chilly low of around 6°C.

Sea Temperature

Anyone who fancies a dip in the Black Sea will be doing so in temperatures of around 15°C on average.

November can be summed up in one word rainy!


Although this may be an unfair assumption considering there are many other resorts which receive more in the way of precipitation in general, November is Sunny Beach's wettest month, with an average of 56mm of rainfall, affecting 7 days in general.


Having said that, you can still expect an average of 6 hours of sun per day too.

If you're looking for a weather forecast for Sunny Beach, you are advised to visit this page.

Hotels for Sunny Beach in November

November sees the crowds leaving Sunny Beach until the following summer, but that leaves behind a peaceful vibe in the resort, perfect for a relaxing break before the festive season kicks in next month. Despite the fact that November isn't traditional season, there are still many hotels open in resort, several of which are large and luxurious. 

Kaliana Garden Hotel

Kalina Garden Hotel is a modern choice, offering an all-inclusive option, perfect for the time of year. The central location is also a bonus.

Royal Central Hotel

Alternatively, Royal Central Hotel offers all of the above but at a slightly lower price tag, giving you the opportunity to relax in comfort. 

Beaches for November for Sunny Beach

Golden Sands Beach

The name Golden Sands Beach is inviting enough, and although November isn't the time you would expecting to be hitting the beach in the main, this particular area is fantastic for walking and enjoying the quieter surroundings during the end of the year.

Zlatni Pyasatci Beach

Also known as Zlatni Pyasatci Beach, this is full of beautiful golden sand, in hilly surroundings, and is within easy reach of Varna for a day out afterwards. Nearby you will find hot mineral springs too, with many reputed health benefits.

Restaurants and Bars for Sunny Beach in November

Because the tourist season has typically closed down in Sunny Beach in November, your choice of restaurants does dwindle slightly during this time; you may find the odd restaurant still to close, but on the whole you will find most in the way of local, small eateries and the larger restaurants located in hotels which stay open throughout the year.

Nightclubs especially close down at the beginning of October, so your night-life choices in November tend to be more along the lines of a few drinks in quieter surroundings, which is certainly a welcome respite from the previous few months of neon-lit debauchery!

If you are staying at the ultra-modern Kalina Garden Hotel or the Barcelo Royal Beach Hotel, then you will also be spoilt for choice in terms of on-site restaurants.

Things to Do in Sunny Beach in November

Christmas Shopping

November is certainly the month to do a spot of Christmas shopping and despite the fact that most of the major shops in Sunny Beach are closed during this time, you will still find some open for a little retail therapy. Having said that, you may be better hiring a car and heading to nearby Bourgas for your shopping needs, and the Mall Galleria Burgas is the place to go to stock up on everything you could need for your Christmas gifts.

Strandja Mountain

Whilst you're in Bourgas be sure to explore a little as the area around here is simply stunning. Strandja Mountain will certainly be one of the camera, as well as the serene and beautiful St Anastasia Isle.


You could of course take your exploration of Bulgaria's beautiful scenery a little further and head off to Sofia. This is a large city which is situated inland and is around four hours away from Sunny Beach, so it may be one which requires a stop-over in order to get the most out of it. Sofia is perfect for anyone into history and architecture, with Alexander Nevsky Cathedral certainly a must visit.

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