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    Split Weather for August 2020

    What's The Weather Like In Split In August


    Unlike the slightly dry month of July, August brings with it a bit more humidity. The average temperature is 24° Celsius (75° Fahrenheit), but the highest temperature will go well over 29° Celsius, with occasional drops to 19° Celsius, mostly during the nights and on rainy days. The first and third week of August tend to be hotter, while the second and fourth week favour lower temperatures and even a bit of rainfall.

    The third week of August may in fact see some spikes on top of the expected highs, mostly due to climate change, subtle rise in humidity and a more subtle drop in barometric pressure. Chances are the highest recorded for this month in 2016 will probably be over 30° Celsius. Still, unlike its Mediterranean counterparts, the Dalmatian coast manages to keep itself away from the newly recurring "African heatwaves" typical for this time of the year in the southern parts of Italy.

    Sunshine Hours

    With up to 13 hours of sunshine in a day, and with 79% chances of sunny days, August is definitely another perfect time for a Split holiday. There are approximately 4 days of rain in the entire month, with rainfall up to 43mm an increase from the previous month, but experiencing a wet day is still unlikely. This means the occasional showers will simply be more abundant than what you might experience in July. Chances of rain drop to 15%, and the chance of getting cloudy days remain steady at 3%, which is close to none, really. August is nothing but blue skies and sunshine galore.

    Sea Temperature

    The Adriatic Sea also warms up another degree, keeping its average at 25° Celsius (77° Fahrenheit), thanks to the southern tropical currents flowing from the Mediterranean Sea. The waves are mellow and the water is clear, hence it is absolutely perfect for splashing around, swimming and even sailing. Chances of wind drop down to a modest 3% in August, and with a maximum possible speed of just 7.5Kmh. 

    Split Hotels In August 

    Jupiter Luxury Hotel

    Rooms at the Jupiter Luxury Hotel go ridiculously fast, for just £102 per night, and it's no wonder, as the hotel offers some stunning views of the old city of Split, being situated in the heart of the Diocletian Palace. The Radisson Blu Resort offers rooms from £182 per night, complete with a fabulous pool and a high quality breakfast service. Procurator 7 Luxury Rooms offers exceptional accommodation for just £122 per night, while the central Palace Suites offers double bedrooms for £122 per night.

    Design Hostel Goli & Bosi

    Alternatively, a wide range of hostels like to compete in offering great prices on more modest accommodation - perfect for backpackers, and not lacking any of the quality. The Design Hostel Goli&Bosi and the Design Hostel 101 Dalmatinac go for £70-£72 per night, both extremely central and minutes from the beaches. HotSpot and Hostel Split Backpackers go for lower prices, starting from £40 per night - as you can see, August is hot on even the tighter budgets. However, the splendid Hostel Tchaikovsky continues to amaze vacationers, for just £12 per night. The same rule applies for August: book in advance if you want to get the good spots. 

    Split Beaches For August 


    Bacvice is Split's most popular beach, thanks to its incredibly soft sands and high quality amenities. However, Ovcice and Kastelet must not be neglected, as their fine pebble/sand layers and the clean and shallow entry make them perfect for splashing around like kids, along with the kids! If you're looking for something more remote, then Bene is perfect for you, a little piece of Dalmatian coastline paradise, secluded from the hustle and bustle of peak-season tourists. Znjan is the western gem of the Split beach cluster, duplexed into several smaller beaches.

    Rest assured all of them have changing facilities, restrooms and showers with drinkable water. They also provide umbrellas, seating and towels, and there are at least one or two terrace bars per beach.

    Bars And Restaurants


    For an authentic culinary experience complete with locally brewed olive oil, visit Dominsova, four venues offering delicious tapas and crisp white wine. You can have a scrumptious breakfast at NoStress and Brasserie on 7, or even at Fro or Creme de la Creme, each competing in providing the best coffee and selection of pastries, both sweet and savoury.


    If you prefer more modern cuisine, then book a table (in advance) at the luscious Paradigma or the daring Nostromo. But if you're more on a budget, then Tri Volta and Buffet Fife are perfect for cheap but delicious and authentic Croatian food.

    Riva Promenade

    In terms of nightlife, you probably know by now that Split's shoreline comes to life after midnight, with the splendid Riva Promenade showcasing its clubs and cocktail bars. The heart of Split is not to be missed either, with popular venues such as O HaraTropic and Gaga putting together wonderful nights of music and dance, catering to all possible tastes. You can even spend a Thursday or Friday night at the Ghetto, for some smooth Jazz music.

    Things To Do In Split In August

    Sinjska Alka 

    The first weekend of August of every year, the Sinjska Alka takes place without exception. It's an absolute must-see event a famous historical horseback riding tournament held in Sinj, a small town near Split. It's like stepping back into medieval times, to watch brave competitors competing in driving a lance through a metal ring while riding a horse. It is such a special event, in fact, that it's been included in UNESCO's Intangible World Heritage List in 2010.

    Days of Diocletian

    Obviously August is the "turn back time" of the year for Split, as the Days of Diocletian takes place over the third and last week of the month. If you want to get a feel and a taste of what life was like during the reign of Emperor Diocletian, you need not look any further. Just book your trip and go, it's worth every minute. And since you're there, make sure you visit the old centre, known as the Peristyle, the Cathedral of St. Domnius, which also includes a free tour of the Temple of Jupiter, and Salona, the most important archaeological treasure of Split, complete with an amphitheatre and Roman baths.

    Yatch Charter Trip

    You can also go on yacht charter trips for as much as £325 per person, and the experience alone, without mentioning the breath-taking seascapes, is worth every penny. The Marjan seafront is perfect this time of the year for a hiking/trekking adventure. And you can go on a long promenade through Riva, which is filled with cafes and shops, lounge bars and terraces open from early.

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