Skanes Weather November Averages, Tunisia

    • Temperature Temperature 17°C 63°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 21°C 70°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 13°C 55°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 6 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 40 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 5 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 21°C 70°F

    Skanes Weather for November 2019

    What's the Weather like in Skanes in November 

    November is the beginning of winter in Skanes, and the rainy season. Temperatures drop significantly over the next few months, and it will feel much colder. However, this is still North Africa, so cold is a relative term. On the East coast of Tunisia, Skanes benefits from the best of the mild, balmy Mediterranean climate of the mountainous North of the country, and the hot, dry heat of the Saharan South, on either side of it. So the weather in November is still likely to be quite temperate.

    The temperatures have already begun to drop sharply; November is around 5C colder than October. The average temperature is 17C, with highs of 21C. The highest temperature ever recorded in the area is 31C, which is quite unusual in the region for the time of year; at best, temperatures may rise slightly above 25C for a few days at the beginning of the month. Sea temperatures are also beginning to fall, and by this time are around 21C. As December approaches, they will drop below 18C. It definitely isn't beach weather anymore, though it is still quite pleasant during the day. Overnight, temperatures will fall significantly, with lows of around 13C and it will feel much cooler. With lower temperatures also comes a corresponding drop in the number of sunshine hours: just two, on average, per day in November.

    It's a similar story in the north of the country. Average temperatures in Tunis are just 16C, with highs of 20C and overnight lows of a very cool 11C. Further south, it's likely to be a little warmer but temperatures have dropped significantly there too. While Tataouine, on the edge of the encroaching Sahara, regularly sees highs of above 36C and it's not uncommon for temperature to exceed 40C in the summer months, by November the average temperature is just 17C.

    Winter is the wet season in Skanes and the Sahel, with rainfall averages of around 40mm over five days. Showers are likely to be more prolonged at this time, though they should still be quite light and rarely last longer than a few hours. The humidity levels are a fairly moderate 75% (although this is quite high for Skanes); the moderate humidity will make the days feel even cooler, without the long sunshine hours and high temperatures of the summer months. While rainfall and humidity levels increase in the winter in the north of Tunisia, further south it should still feel quite dry. In Tozeur, in the south west, the humidity is just 60% in November and the region will only receive around 20mm of rainfall over three days. In comparison, Tunis, in the north, thanks to its mountainous geography and more Mediterranean climate further from the heat of the Sahara, receives around 70mm of rainfall over twelve days and humidity levels are likely to climb above 75%.

    Skanes Hotels in November 

    The Palm Inn is a low cost alternative to the bigger chain hotels. The food is basic but reasonable, it has two excellent large outdoor pools, and a great location close to the beach. There are very few other facilities, and the accommodation is quite basic.

    Skanes El Hana is a lovely mid-range hotel, close to the beach, with several swimming pools and excellent range of facilities. It is a great choice for families, as the kids' club and activities are well run and very imaginative. The pool area is lovely, and there are plenty of sports and other activities available for the whole family. The restaurant serves a range of international cuisine, and during the summer there is lively family evening entertainment.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    Most of the restaurants in Skanes are confined to the hotels. There are a few bars and cafes along the front, which shut in the evenings once the beach-trade is gone. The same is true of evening entertainment; it tends to be in-house. Happily, there are more than enough restaurants and bars in nearby Monastir to provide a little variety.

    If you fancy something familiar, try Arabella. The menu is Italian, and although the food makes use of locally sourced ingredients, it is quite authentic.

    Calypso serves very high-quality, gourmet Mediterranean cuisine. The menu makes the best of locally sourced, fresh ingredients and the atmosphere, while quite formal, is very friendly. The prices are slightly higher than other local restaurants, but the food is excellent.

    Things to do in Skanes in November 

    The Dougga Roman ruins were qualified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. They were described by UNESCO as "the best-preserved Roman small town in North Africa". The site has been protected from the encroachment of modern urbanisation, unlike similar sites, like Carthage, which has been pillaged and rebuilt on numerous occasions. Dougga's size, its well-preserved monuments, and rich history make it an exceptional trip. Amongst the most famous monuments at the site, don't miss the Punic-Libyan mausoleum, the theatre, or the temples of Saturn and Juno Caelestis.

    Chott El Jerid is a large endorheic salt lake in southern Tunisia. The largest salt pan in the Sahara Desert, it has a surface area of over 7,000 km. Chott el Djerid has been used as a location for a number of films, including the Star Wars series, and was also described in Jules Verne's last novel, Invasion of the Sea.

    The Matmara subterranean dwellings have become a popular tourist destination. Matmara is a small Berber town in southern Tunisia, where some of the local residents live in traditional underground "troglodyte" structures. The Hotel Sidi Driss (designed as a traditional Berber troglodyte underground building) featured in the Star Wars series, several missions in the game Call of Duty take place in and around the town.

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