Skanes Weather January Averages, Tunisia

    • Temperature Temperature 12°C 54°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 16°C 61°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 8°C 46°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 5 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 50 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 8 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 16°C 61°F

    Skanes Weather for January 2020

    What's the Weather like in Skanes in January 


    January in Skanes is mid-winter, the coldest and wettest month of the year. However, this is still North Africa, so cold is a relative term. On the East coast of Tunisia, Skanes benefits from the best of the mild, Mediterranean climate of the mountainous North of the country, and the hot, dry heat of the Saharan South, on either side of it. So the weather in January is likely to be quite temperate.

    During the day, the average temperature is just 12C, with highs of around 16C and lows of 8C. However, the highest temperature ever recorded in Skanes at this time is 27C and it isn't uncommon for temperatures to reach the low-twenties. Overnight, temperatures fall significantly and it will feel much colder (around 6C). Sea temperatures are also around their lowest at this time, at just 16C on average.

    Conditions in the North and central regions of Tunisia are likely to be quite similar; Tunis also sees average temperatures of around 12C. Further south, it is usually slightly warmer. Djerba, an island of the south-east coast, has average temperatures of 13C in January, with highs of around 16C and lows of 9C; it is usually marginally warmer in the winter than Skanes. And El Borma, several miles into the Sahara on the south-west Algerian border, sees average temperatures of around 17C. Although in the desert the lows are much more significant; it often drops well below 5C overnight.

    Rain and Humidity 

    January is the rainy season in the Sahel region, which stretches from the central eastern shore (south of Hammamet) to Mahdia, and on average Skanes will see around 50mm of rainfall over 8 days. Any showers are unlikely to be prolonged, and more usually take the form of a few hours of light drizzle. Due to its position on the coast, there are likely to be some foggy and overcast days throughout the winter months and increased precipitation does mean increased levels of humidity (around 74%). Similar conditions are seen across Tunisia, with Tunis receiving around 80mm of rainfall and 2 days of fog in January, and further south in Tataouine, while it is generally drier, an average of 22mm of rainfall is predicted. The highest climes might even see a light dusting of snow.


    Wind speeds are also quite high in January, around 15 km/h, and in recent years the maximum sustained wind speed has even reached as high as 83 km/h; which is very windy indeed.

    Sunshine Hours 

    However, while the high levels of precipitation and relatively cool temperatures mean it definitely isn't beach weather, there are still on average seven hours of sunshine each day. So this is the perfect time for sightseeing and outdoor activities, prohibited by the extremely high temperatures of the summer months.  

    Skanes Hotels in January 

    If you're looking for luxury, the five star Hotel Royal Thalassa Monastir is a great choice. Flagship hotel of the Tunisian Thalassa Hotels group, a lot of work has gone into ensuring every detail is right. Three restaurants and three bars cater to every taste, from fine dining to poolside snacks. The hotel has a private beach, three beautiful pools, and offers a range of sports and leisure activities. Not to mention, access to one of the finest spa experiences in the Sahel: the very exclusive, very luxurious, Royal Elyssa Thalasso & Spa.

    The Pirate's Gate Resort & Thalasso Hotel is a modern, friendly mid-range hotel, right on the beach. The hotel offers a range of lovely facilities including three swimming pools (indoor, outdoor children's pool and outdoor salt water pool), thalassotherapy treatments, hotel-run miniclub for kids, and plenty of other activities for all ages including mini golf and lively evening entertainment. Catering consists of a choice of restaurants: buffet, a la carte, pizzeria, BBQ (in the summer), and two bars serving midday snacks.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    Most of the restaurants in Skanes are confined to the hotels. There are a few bars and cafes along the front, which shut in the evenings once the beach-trade is gone. The same is true of evening entertainment; it tends to be in-house. Happily, there are more than enough restaurants and bars in nearby Monastir to provide a little variety. The Place de l'Independence is lined with cafes and bars, so to find something interesting to eat take a walk along the Avenue.

    The Salsa Posada, on Airport Road, serves wonderful Mexican food and is very popular with guests at the nearby hotels. The food can be a little spicy, but the prices are very reasonable and the menu includes a lot of local ingredients which really give the cuisine a twist.

    Things to do in Skanes in January 

    Monastir is right on your doorstep, if you fancy a little more culture and history. Take the train from the town centre, or book a taxi from your hotel. The Bourguiba Mausoleum is a must-see. Its opulent splendour is a tribute to Tunisia's first president after independence. Built in 1963, the facade is covered with beautifully delicate tiling work. The tomb of Bourguiba itself sits amid a dazzling interior of glass-inlay, underneath a spectacular chandelier.

    Tunis, the capital city, is situated on a large Mediterranean Sea gulf (the Gulf of Tunis), with the city spread out along the coastal plain and over the surrounding hills. It's well worth a visit if you've exhausted the attractions of Skanes and Monastir. Avenue Habib Bourguiba is Tunis' answer to the Champs-lysées. The broad Avenue is lined with trees and shops, with pavement cafes on both sides. Many important cultural and historical monuments are located along the Avenue, including the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul, the French Embassy in Tunisia and the Théâtre municipal de Tunis.

    If you fancy something different, and a little bit more energetic, definitely give sand cart surfing a try! Wheeled carts are rigged with colourful sails to catch the wind, so you glide up and over the sand dunes. It's a lot of fun! Though probably not for the faint hearted. Tours can be booked at your hotel, and if you've never done it before, don't worry; you'll be given plenty of instruction on how to handle the kart.

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