Skanes Weather June Averages, Tunisia

    Skanes Weather for June 2020

    What's the Weather like in Skanes in June 


    June is well and truly summer in Skanes and peak tourism season. Temperatures are gradually reaching their height, in fact, it's likely to be very hot indeed by the end of the month. There's little to no rainfall, and an increasing number of sunshine hours. Winter in the Sahel is much more like the north with a Mediterranean climate, higher rainfall averages and cooler days, while the summer bears far more resemblance to the arid, dry Saharan south. Expect very high temperatures, with refreshing sea breezes in coastal areas to somewhat take the edge of the heat, and warm seas. Perfect beach weather!


    The average temperature in June is 24C, with highs of 28C. Humidity is quite moderate (around 70%), so although it will feel very hot, between low humidity and refreshing sea breezes in coastal areas, the heat is quite manageable. The highest temperature ever recorded in the area is 47C, and while that is quite unusual, you can expect temperatures to reach above 30C on several days of the month. Overnight temperatures fall to around 19C, so it is still warm and quite pleasant in the evenings. There are an increased number of sunshine hours, 11 on average each day, and sea temperatures reach a very pleasant 21C at this time. All in all, it's great weather for sun and sand, so visitors should expect crowded beaches.

    Average Sea Temperature 

    The story is much the same across Tunisia, although temperatures will be much higher the further south, and therefore closer to the Sahara, you travel. In Tataouine, further inland and so close to the Sahara it's in danger of being swallowed by the ever encroaching sands of the desert, average temperatures of 27C and highs of 37C can be expected; as one might expect of the desert, it's very hot indeed. In comparison, northern regions are much cooler and enjoy a more temperate, Mediterranean climate. Tunis, for example, has similar  conditions to Skanes, with average temperatures of 23C and highs of 29C.


    There is very little precipitation in Skanes in June, with rainfall averages of less than 10mm over 2 days in the month. In the mountainous northern and central areas of Tunisia, some towns and resorts will see slightly more rainfall, coupled with fog inland and higher humidity levels (around 80% in Tunis, for example). On the coast, in the Sahel, there may be the occasional cloudy start but visibility should clear by mid-morning; positioned between the Mediterranean north and Saharan south, the Sahel benefits from the best of both climates.

    Skanes Hotels in June 

    The smartline Skanes Serail Hotel is right on the beach, and a fantastic mid-range choice for a sunny beach holiday or as a base to explore the area. Two outdoor pools with loungers and bar are a great alternative to the sand, if the beach gets a little too crowded. The spa centres offers a range of treatments, and there are a variety of activities and sporting activities for the whole family.

    Hotel El Mouradi Skanes Beach is a great choice for luxurious accommodation, and right on the beach. The spa offers a range of treatments to really help you relax, and with a range of sports and other activities available, there are plenty of options if you prefer a more energetic holiday. The beautiful swimming pool includes a pool bar, for drinks and midday snacks; or, alternatively, try the lounge coffee shop. Three restaurants and five bars means there is sure to be something to suit every taste, and during the summer the hotel runs a very popular nightclub.

    Skanes Beach for June

    La Marsa is one of the prettiest and most popular beaches in Tunisia. On the edge of the city of Tunis, its white sands and calm emerald water are always busy in the summer months. The beachfront offers a wide array of watersports, including parasailing, surfing lessons and banana boats. The gently shelving sand and calm tides make it safe for children, and for swimming.

    Raf Raf, in Bizerte in the far north of the country, is one of Tunisia's most beautiful beaches. Arriving at Raf Raf, the road runs through the mountains, allowing the port, surrounding bay and beaches to appear beneath you as you arrive. The views are spectacular. The beach is popular with Tunisians themselves, and is a great spot to experience a little of the local beach culture. Vendors offer camel and horseback riding on the sand, and there are plenty of watersports on offer including windsurfing, scuba diving and paragliding. A variety of boat trips also set off from the harbour nearby.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    Most of the restaurants in Skanes are confined to the hotels. There are a few bars and cafes along the front, which shut in the evenings once the beach-trade is goneHappily, there are more than enough restaurants and bars in nearby Monastir to provide a little variety.

    For a few cocktails, try the Savana Club. While many local restaurants don't serve alcohol, and with little nightlife and few bars, the Savana Club is very popular with tourists. They have live music most evenings and it can be quite lively.

    Le Grill, on the Marina, is one of the highest rated restaurants in Monastir. The menu is Tunisian seafood, with an international twist. While the prices are a little higher than some other local establishments, the quality is very high. The menu changes regularly to make the best of seasonal local ingredients and the morning's catch, so no two meals there are likely to be the same.

    Things to do in Skanes in June 

    Most Tunisian resorts offer camel rides, and Skanes is no exception. In the summer, guides line their camels up on the beach and, for a small fee, you can take a ride up and down the sand. And if you want to see the desert in a more traditional manner, camel treks can be booked at your hotel. Many of them are overnight and include meals, camping, and a stop at a traditional Berber village. It's a unique experience and comes highly recommended.

    There are plenty of opportunities to spend a little money and pick up some souvenirs in Skanes. The beachfront shops sell all kinds of useful (and less useful) items like suntan lotion, buckets and spades and inflatable floats. If you want to do some more serious shopping, check out the Safari Shopping Centre. More like a bazaar than your typical mall, the Safari Shopping Centre sells everything from designer fashion to carpets and handmade, local jewellery.

    There are any number of boat trips that can be booked along the beach. If you fancy getting away from the crowded summer beaches, and are in a larger party, you can charter a yacht and explore the coastline from the sea. It's a little costly, but a lovely day out and a great way to see more of the area.

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