Skanes Weather August Averages, Tunisia

    • Temperature Temperature 27.5°C 82°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 32°C 90°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 23°C 73°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 10 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 10 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 2 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 26°C 79°F

    Skanes Weather for August 2018

    What's the Weather like in Skanes in August 

    August is the hottest month and height of summer in Skanes, so peak tourism season. Temperatures are at their height, and it's likely to be very hot indeed. There's little to no rainfall, and maximum sunshine hours at this time. While winter in the Sahel is much more like the north, with a Mediterranean climate, higher rainfall averages and cooler days, the summer bears far more resemblance to the arid, dry Saharan south. Expect very high temperatures, warm seas and refreshing sea breezes in coastal areas. Perfect beach weather!

    With average temperatures of 28C, and highs of 32C, August in Skanes, and the Sahel, is very hot indeed. High temperatures and up to 13 hours of sunshine a day make perfect conditions for sunbathing. Coastal breezes, with average daily wind speeds of around 14 km/h, and moderate humidity levels of around 70% do help to make the temperatures feel a little more manageable, but there's no getting away from the heat. Even overnight, temperatures rarely fall much below 23C. The lowest ever recorded temperature in the region at this time is only 20C, so it's highly unlikely Skanes will experience much cooler temperatures even overnight. The hottest temperature ever recorded at this time is a scorching 48C, which is quite unusual. However, several days of the month are likely to see temperatures reaching upwards of 38C. In August, sea temperatures are also at their warmest for the year in Skanes: a very pleasant 26C.

    The mountainous north coastal regions of Tunisia, with their more Mediterranean climate, will see slightly cooler temperatures. While inland, without the moderating coastal breezes, temperatures will be higher. In Tunis, for example, the average temperature is 27C, with highs of 33C. However, humidity in Tunis is only 65%, so the temperature shouldn't feel too oppressive. And further south, the closer to the Sahara, unsurprisingly, the hotter it will be. In Tataouine, for example, where the sands of the Sahara are encroaching, the average temperature is 29C and highs of above 36C can be expected.

    There is likely to little or no rainfall, with just 10mm on average over one day in the Sahel in August. While inland and central regions of the country do see a day or two of fog early in the season, which can drift down into the Sahel, by August it's usually clear skies across the country.

    Skanes Hotels in August 

    Thalassa Village Skanes Hotel is an upscale chain resort with a huge range of restaurants and facilities. There are four pools, including one saltwater, and access to a private section of the beach. If you fancy a change from swimming and sunbathing, or are planning to visit outside of the summer months, there are plenty of other activities on offer including tennis, language courses and mini golf. There is lively evening entertainment all year round for the whole family, and several bars. There is also access to the luxurious Royal Elyssa Thalasso & Spa, if you fancy some pampering.

    The Tropicana Club has been recently remodelled and given a fresh new look. It's more of a mid-range choice, but has plenty of facilities for the whole family. The large outdoor pool is the perfect alternative to the private beach, if the sand is a little too crowded for your taste. In the winter, the indoor pool means you can still get in a good swim. There are sports courts and large gardens, and the hotel offers a range of other activities all year round. There's a number of spa treatments available in the wellness centre, as well as afternoon tea available in the Moorish café.

    Skanes Beach in August 

    The long, white-sand Nabeul beach is located in what is known as the "Tunisian Saint-Tropez" on the north eastern coast. There are plenty of opportunities for water sports like paragliding and jet-skiing, as well as camel or horseback riding. Nearby Nabeul is famed for its beautiful pottery and ceramics, and there are plenty of cafes and bars where you can escape the midday heat.

    If you're looking to avoid the crowds, try El Haouaria beach on the north eastern coast. A ribbon of golden beaches, El Haouaria remains relatively quiet and unspoiled. There are few attractions in the area, besides a couple of beachside bars and cafes and the sleepy surrounding villages. It's much more low-key. El Haouaria is also a noteworthy spot for birdwatchers, with many rare species on display during the annual December March trans-Mediterranean migrations.

    The long white-sand beach of Boujaffar stretches from the centre of Sousse, to Port El Kantaoui. The beach is very busy during the summer, with holiday makers sunbathing during the day, and in the evenings Tunisian families come to enjoy a picnic and make the most the cooler air. A wide selection of watersports are available all along the beach, including paragliding, windsurfing and waterskiing.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    Most of the restaurants in Skanes are confined to the hotels. The same is true of evening entertainment; it tends to be in-house. Happily, there are more than enough restaurants and bars in nearby Monastir to provide a little variety.

    The 7Sky Nightclub in the Hotel Delphin features theme nights and DJ's playing the latest tunes. The place attracts a young crowd, and it is very lively at the weekends with tourists looking for a night out.

    Talk a walk along the Marina to find a café or restaurant that takes your fancy. Or visit the Safari Centre steakhouse. With a nightclub, steak house, gift shop, multiple coffee bars and even a supermarket, the Safari Centre is the perfect way to while away an evening.

    Things to do in Skanes in August 

    There are any number of boat trips that can be booked along the beach. If you only do one, make sure it's the dolphin sighting excursion. The boat takes you off the coast for the day, where you can (hopefully) catch sight of the dolphins playing in the water. Some operators also offer the opportunity to do a little swimming in some of the more secluded coves further along the coastline.

    If you're travelling with children, they'll love the little train. It's very cheap, and takes you all the way into Monastir if you fancy following it up with some shopping or a visit to one of the attractions there.

    The go karting track, a few minutes outside the town centre, is a lot of fun if you're travelling with children or trying to avoid a rain shower.

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