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    Side Weather for February 2022

    What's the weather like in Side in February


    February is part of the winter season in Side, and thus the month is fairly cold. The average temperature for February is 11°C, which is the same as January. It gets mildly cold during the day and even colder at night due to the Mediterranean Sea breeze. The lowest temperature recorded in February is 6°C occurring at night, and the highest temperature is15°C, occurring during midday.

    Average Sea Temperature and Sunshine Hours

    The average sea temperature in February is 16°C, which is the coldest it gets all year in Side, while the average amount of daily sunshine is eight hours during this last stretch of the winter season.


    Although it still is the rainy season, the average amount of rainfall decreases in February to 191mm, which occurs on an average of 10 days throughout the month.

    Wind and Humidity

    The average dew point for the month is at 6°C, while the average wind speed is 9 km/h and gusts can reach up to 41 km/h. Although it is winter, there is not any expected snowfall throughout all of February and the average humidity is 64%.

    Side in February is one of the quietest months for tourists to visit because of the wet weather. However, if you prefer to avoid crowds, the normally busy streets and markets of Side and Manavgat will be less crowded in February, making it the perfect month for you to visit.

    The street markets are not the only attractions that will be less congested with visitors this month. The preserved twin Temples of Apollo and Athena, where Anthony met with Cleopatra, as well as the popular colossal amphitheater, which is an excavated site of ancient Roman and Hellenistic ruins, are both free of lines and crowds.

    The temperature will get warmer by the end of the month as Side welcomes March. Rainfall forecasts will practically remain the same throughout February as the wet season comes to an end. Although the sea temperature is the coldest it gets all year this month, the average temperature is still generally warm compared to the UK, which means that February is a great month for a holiday visit.

    Side Hotels in February

    There are about 230 hotels in Side to choose from and most of them are located by the beach. Budget friendly hotels include the Safari Suit Hotel and the Tuana Pension.

    If you are looking for luxury or high-end 5-star hotels, you can book your stay at Barut Hemera or the AliBey Resort. The Turquoise Resort Hotel and Spa is by far one of the best luxury hotels in Side. It has beautiful grounds, a huge pool, and luxury amenities.

    If you are searching for somewhere to stay that is in between a budget and a high-end hotel there are a few options. The Beach House Hotel (with 20 comfortable rooms), the Dogan Hotel (in the Kaleici narrow cobbled streets), and the Otium Eco Club (which is great for family vacations because of their pools with slides and eco friendly concept for nature conscious tourists), are all great options.

    Side Beach for February

    The perfect white sand beach of Side stretches for a little more than a kilometer. The way the coast of Side is formed makes it especially convenient for all types of There are two major beaches in Side, east and west. The beaches in the west are great for swimming because the water is shallow, but the water temperature is at its coldest during this time of the year, making diving and swimming out of the question.

    There are other activities besides swimming that you can do on the beach, like playing volleyball, strolling in the sand, or working on your tan, as there is ample daylight time for you to enjoy the sun on the beach. Visitors will experience about eight hours of sunshine a day to head to the beach and enjoy all sorts of activities.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Besides seeing the sights and going to the beach, truly experiencing Side means dining and drinking out. One of the more popular gastronomical spots is Conny's Restaurant, which also happens to be a hotel, convenient for guests already staying there. What's fun about the restaurant aside from an ordinary dinner is that you can enjoy a Murder Dinner Game, which takes place over a four course dinner on Friday nights.

    Conny's serves food from breakfast to late at night. If you want to enjoy beautiful scenery during your meal, check out Marina Baron Restaurant. The natural beauty of the sea, in addition to the docked boats, is perfect to visit just before sunset. A nice family option for continental cuisine is Aphrodite Restaurant.

    For nightlife activities, you can head to Kiss Bar RestaurantKayi's Bar and Restaurant, or enjoy a delicious strawberry cocktail at Surf Bar Restaurant. Since February has longer nights, there is more time for you to enjoy the nightlife this month. 

    Things to do in Side in February

    During the month of February, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the streets and markets of Side and Manavgat in a more serene manner. There are fewer tourists and the prices are much more reasonable because of it.

    The #1 ranked attraction ruin of Side is the Greek Amphitheater. The breathtaking architecture of this magnificent structure is the center of Side's history. You really haven't visited Side if you haven't been to the Amphitheater. Since this month is not ideal for the beach, visiting the ruins is a perfect alternative.

    Experiencing the history of Side and its world renowned artifacts can also be done by visiting the Side Museum. Take a trip back in time by learning facts about the creation of this small, picturesque town. Before the day ends, it is recommended to visit the Temple of Apollo, where you can wait for the sun to go down and experience magnificent views of the sunset over Side.

    When you catch a day without rain, you can take a tour by boat through the beautiful Green Canyon. The tour will last about seven to eight hours long and they usually begin at 7 am.

    If you are stuck inside all day enjoying the amenities of your hotel because of a rainstorm, at night you can go out and party in nearby bars and restaurants like Miami Restaurant and Bar.

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