Santiago Weather May Averages, Chile

    Santiago Weather for May 2023

    What's the weather like in Santiago in May


    Autumn turns into winter in Santiago during May.  Santiago's average monthly temperature in May is 18°C.  Daytime averages are 21°C at the beginning of the month and 17°C at the end of the month, for a monthly average of 18°C.  Nights cool even further to 5°C.


    Santiago finally sees some measurable precipitation in May.  Rainfall totals average 50mm over 6 days of rain for the month.  The probability of precipitation climbs throughout the month from 10% to 18%.

    Sunshine Hours

    Continually shortening days and increasing cloud cover contribute to reduced sunshine in Santiago in May, on average only four hours per day.  By the end of the month there are 10 hours 5 minutes between sunrise and sunset.   The probability of cloudy skies is 39% in the beginning of May, climbing to 53% by the end of May.


    Humidity in Santiago climbs slightly during May, increasing to 84% by the end of the month from 80% in the beginning of the month.  Despite the increase in rain, cooler temperatures will still make the air feel dry against your skin.


    Like April, winds in Santiago in May average 2.5 m/s throughout the entire month.  Easterly winds continue to settle in, becoming the dominant direction by the end of the month.

    Dress Code

    Most tourists in Santiago in May will still be comfortable dressing in t-shirts, shorts, skirts, and wearing sandals during the daytime.  It can cool down towards the end of the month.  And nights are a completely different story than day, when the temperature drastically drops as the sun goes down.  Be prepared for this if you're out during the day, bringing a sweater or jacket.  Check the Santiago 14-day forecast for the most up-to-date information before leaving home.  Chileans typically dress casually during the day but love to look sharp when they go out in the evenings.

    Santiago Hotels in May

    Boulevard Suites

    Boulevard Suites is a beautiful five-star hotel located in the upscale Las Condes neighborhood, the financial center of Santiago.  The hotel is housed in the upper floors of the Kennedy Boulevard Complex.  All rooms feature plush bedding, wood floors, contemporary furniture, and large bathrooms.  Suites also include kitchens, living rooms, and large windows.  Boulevard Suites is also equipped with an outdoor pool, hot tub, gym, and a classy bar.  All guests will be treated to in-room continental breakfast; there is also a casual Latin grill at the hotel.  Boulevard Suites is centrally located to Costanera Center shopping, many restaurants, and public transportation.

    Atton Hotel El Bosque

    The four-star Atton El Bosque is in Santiago's Las Condes district.  This hotel features 240 modern rooms with modern décor and wooden trim; giving the rooms a light, open feeling.  Suites with separate living areas are also available.  Atton El Bosque includes a complimentary breakfast for guests, and in the evenings you'll be able enjoy their excellent restaurant and terrace seating.  There are also a number of restaurants and bars within walking distance.  Atton El Bosque also includes an indoor pool and 24-hour business & fitness centers.  The hotel puts you within a few minutes walk from the nearest metro station. 

    Hotel Orly

    The Hotel Orly is a beautiful, elegant hotel situated in an old French-style mansion in the lovely Providencia neighborhood.  Hotel Orly features fully equipped apartments with pullout sofas in separate living areas, full kitchens, dining rooms, and large windows.  Standard rooms are also available featuring refined furnishings and marble countertops.  Guests will also be treated to a breakfast buffet, and will enjoy the multiple relaxed lounges, casual restaurant, and hotel bar.  Hotel Orly is within walking distance of Cerro San Cristobal, the nearest metro station, museums, and La Moneda Palace.

    Hotel Santiago

    The luxurious Hotel Santiago provides outstanding five-star accommodations in the center of Santiago's financial district.  The contemporary rooms provide outstanding views of the Andes and Santiago skyline and provide ample space.  Even larger suites are available featuring kitchenettes and jacuzzis.  Hotel Santiago is equipped with a beautiful outdoor pool with fountain and lush, manicured gardens.  Guests are provided with a wonderful complimentary breakfast.  There are also three restaurants in the Hotel Santiago; a Mediterranean restaurant, Thai restaurant, and Japanese restaurant.  Hotel Santiago is within walking distance of the Costanera Center shopping mall, multiple restaurants, and public transportation.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Peumayan Ancestral Food

    This unique restaurant is at the south end of Cerro San Cristobal, near the Santiago Zoo.  You won't want to miss Peumayan Ancestral Food during your visit to Chile.  Peumayan has won a number of awards from critics and receives rave reviews from visitors.  The distinctive dishes comprised of local Chilean grains, seafood, and meats are served on handmade wooden plates inside a beautiful, rustic dining room.  A six-course tasting menu takes you on a traditional culinary tour of Chile.  A la carte items are also available.  Peumayan is open from Tuesday thru Saturday from 1PM to midnight and on Sunday from 1PM to 4PM.  Reservations are recommended.


    Goemon serves amazing traditional Japanese food near the Manuel Montt metro station.  The dining room is warm and cozy and contains traditional Japanese décor, giving it the feel of an intimate Tokyo bar.  Their menu changes daily, but you can expect to find various plates of unagi, sashimi, nigiri, shabu shabu, gyoza, and sukiyaki.  Goemon serves the best sake found in Santiago, or even Japan for that matter.  Goemon is open Monday thru Saturday from 12:30PM to 10:30PM with a siesta break from 3PM to 7:30PM.  They do accept reservations.

    Sarita Colonia

    Sarita Colonia is one of Santiago's more eclectic cafes and is very popular among tourists and locals.  The décor is wild and interesting and is often the center of conversation for visitors.  The menu consists mostly of Chilean and Peruvian cuisine, such as various ceviches, yucca, chicken, and grilled fish.  They make a fantastic burger also.  In addition to the dining room, Sarita Colonia has a rooftop terrace that makes a wonderful location for imbibing in cocktails while enjoying the view of surrounding Santiago.  Sarita Colonia is open Monday thru Saturday from 8PM until midnight.  They are located near Cerro San Cristobal.

    Bar Don Rodrigo

    Bar Don Rodrigo is a casual late-night locals' bar near the popular Plaza de Armas.  It is a lively hole-in-the-wall to visit and can get quite crowded late at night.  They serve a pub menu consisting of empanadas, fries, sandwiches, and shrimp, among other food items.  What makes Bar Don Rodrigo popular with the locals is their excellent drink menu with delicious cocktails & beer, plus the entertaining live music featuring their piano and other performers.  You may find yourself going in for just one drink and a bite to eat and end up closing the place down.  Bar Don Rodrigo is open Monday thru Saturday from 6PM to 2AM.

    Things to do in Santiago in May

    Central Market

    The Mercado Central de Santiago is a bustling market near Plaza de Armas.  There are a lot of things going on at the Central Market.  Most of the vendors are selling fresh fruits and vegetables.  If you have a kitchen during your stay you'll have a great selection of butchered meats and fish available too.  If you don't have the means to cook but are still hungry, a number of the vendors sell prepared foods like empanadas and sandwiches.  You'll be able to choose between informal food stands and more formal restaurants.  Local artisans also sell handicrafts like scarves and jewelry.  The market is open daily from 6AM to 5PM; on Friday it is open until 8PM.

    Santiago Churches

    Santiago's Catholic history makes it rich in historic,picturesque churches.  You could easily spend a day going from church to church and still not see them all.  The Metropolitan Cathedral is an iconic church at the Plaza de Armas next to the National History Museum, constructed in the early 19th century.  Iglesia de Santo Domingo boasts a neoclassical design common among Dominican churches of the 18th century.  The oldest church in Santiago, which also happens to be the oldest standing building in the city, is the gorgeous Iglesia de San Francisco, built in 1613.  Much of this church has been destroyed by earthquakes throughout the years but it's still a must see.  There's also a very interesting museum connected to the church.

    Santiago General Cemetery

    This may seem like a rather morbid tourism suggestion, but the Santiago General Cemetery is actually very fascinating.  The cemetery, founded in 1822, is massive at over 200 acres.  It even has its own metro station.  It's undoubtedly an interesting way to spend a few hours, taking you through beautiful gardens, ornate tombs, and historical gravesites.  Almost all of Chile's presidents and other notable figures are buried here, like composer Violeta Parra, "father of Chile" Bernardo O'Higgins, and the first democratically elected president Salvador Allende.  Also visit the gardens where dictator Augusto Pinochet's 40,000 victims are buried.  Gates are open daily from 9AM to 5:30PM.

    Bicycle Tour of Santiago

    Santiago has a great public transportation system but cooler months make touring by bicycle a great way to see the city.  Cycling has found recent popularity in Santiago, no longer seen as just a mode of transportation for those who can't afford a car.  Many bicycle shops have popped up and this rise in bicycle culture has resulted in many new bicycle paths throughout the city.  They're becoming so popular that these paths can be somewhat congested, so use caution.  You can rent a bicycle on your own or go on one of Santiago's many official bicycle tours. Some of the tours are themed, and some go beyond the city to places like Chile's wineries.

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