Rio de Janeiro Weather March Averages, Brazil

    Rio de Janeiro Weather for March 2021

    What's the Weather Like in Rio de Janeiro in March

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and former capital city of the country. It's famous for its beaches, music, and world renowned celebrations, as well as for being a top choice for gay travellers, with around one million LGBT tourists heading to this Atlantic coast destination each and every year.


    The weather in Rio de Janeiro in March is similar to that in February, with temperatures ranging from 23°C at night to 29°C in the afternoon. This makes it the third warmest month of the year in the city, after January and February, which are the absolute peak summer months. That being said; every month is quite warm in Rio de Janeiro, thanks to its tropical location. The overall average temperature in March is a comfortable 26°C.

    Sea Temperature

    The sea temperature reaches its annual high this month and averages exactly the same as the air temperature6°C.


    Rainfall is pretty much the same as it was in February, accumulating to 103mm over the course of 12 days of the month. This steady weather, typical of the tropical savannah climate to which Rio is subject, can also be seen in neighbouring resorts, such as Sao Paulo, located 300 miles to the west. The chance that rainfall occurs on any given day is about 45%, with fluctuations between 43% and 47%. The most likely type that you will experience is thunderstorms, which happen on 49% of those 12 days with rainfall. Light rain occurs on 24% of those days; moderate rain on 20%.


    Humidity levels range between 54% and 97%, which is quite high by all accountshis is a tropical, warm and fairly wet destination after all.


    Cloud cover tends to range around 67% throughout March, with very little variation. This means that the sky is partly cloudy from the beginning of the month through to the end.


    In terms of sunshine, there are 7 sunshine hours per day on average, which happens to be the highest number in the whole yearhe same number is also seen in January, February and August.

    Hotels for Rio de Janeiro in March

    Hotel Granada

    The Hotel Granada offers centrally located rooms for an affordable price. Rooms are perhaps more basic than in the luxurious 5-star resorts in the city, but do offer all the standard hotel features you want, such as a private bathroom, minibar and in-room safe. Double and twin rooms are available, with wonderful views over the nearby Rio de Janeiro Cathedral.

    Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort

    For a hotel close to the beach, you can't pick a better one than the fabulous 5-star Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort. This superb hotel offers direct access to the beach, has a private pool and a health club, and organises water gymnastics classes and swimming lessons. The list of facilities is incredibly long, including a games room, souvenir shop, buffet restaurant, playground and sauna.

    Porto Bay Rio Internacional Hotel

    The Porto Bay Rio Internacional Hotel is another suggested hotel for your March visit to this amazing city. It is a 4-star hotel in the city centre, featuring a huge number of amenities, ranging from babysitting services and meeting rooms to a spa, restaurant and outdoor swimming pool. Every single room in the hotel has a balcony with views of the ocean.

    Beaches for March for Rio de Janeiro

    Ipanema Beach

    One of Rio's greatest beaches, Ipanema Beach is an amazing spot to enjoy the warm sea water, which averages 26°C in March, the warmest temperature of the entire year. This beach is located in one of the upscale neighbourhoods in the city, an area dotted with art galleries, movie theatres, restaurants, bookshops and jewellery stores.

    The beach is divided into different sections, each of which has its own distinct atmosphere and visitors. For instance, there is a section popular among families, one that draws in sports enthusiasts, one that attracts gay people, one that is preferred among artists and bohemians, and so on. Clearly, this is a fascinating place to visit. If you get hungry, simply buy a snack from one of the vendors that walk up and down the beach all-day long.

    Restaurants and Bars for Rio de Janeiro in March

    Talho Capixaba

    For a bite to eat, the Talho Capixaba delicatessen offers up a variety of freshly baked goods. There's a wide selection of breads to enjoy inside or take back to the hotel, as well as sweet pastries and snacks. For those a little hungrier or wanting to spend a little more time here, sandwiches, pastas, salads and pastry-based pizzas are on the menu, along with a choice of wines and spirits.

    Botequim do Itahy

    After an afternoon on Ipanema Beach, kick back with a beer at Botequim do Itahy. This vibrant place is popular among beach-goers during the day and party animals in the evening. Besides beers and wines, its menu also includes pizzas, chicken dishes and other stomach-filling pub food.

    Sushi Leblon

    For sushi, head to Sushi Leblon, which, as the name implies, is located in the Leblon neighbourhood. They serve some of the very best seafood in Rio and change their menu at least on a weekly basis according to what fish is available. This is a rather small restaurant, so make sure to book a table before you visit as it tends to be full often.

    Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro in March

    Christ the Redeemer Statue

    Perhaps the most famous landmark in Rio de Janeiro is the Christ the Redeemer statue, considered to be an icon of the city. This new wonder of the world stands almost 40 metres tall, and is situated on the tip of the 700-metre-high Corcovado Mountain, watching over the city beneath. Visitors are transported to the site of the statue on the Corcovado Railway which, having been built in the late 1800s, is actually older than the statue itself.

    Tijuca National Park

    On its journey, the train passes through the Tijuca National Park, the world's largest urban forest. Known as the "lungs of Rio", this gorgeous park comprises 7% of the city's surface area and offers visitors the opportunity to go hiking, wildlife watching, rock climbing and do other outdoor activities. Entry into the park is free.

    Adventure Tours

    In addition to hiking in Tijuca National Park, you can find pretty much every single type of adventure sports in Rioith the only exception of winter sports, that is. Because of the city's location at the foot of many steep and tall coastal mountains, hang gliding, paragliding and parachuting are quite popular. The views of Rio from the sky are absolutely phenomenal. Ground-based adventure sports include bouldering, whitewater rafting and mountaineering. Many companies offer adventure tours and all kinds of activities to tourists.

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